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who here been locked up?

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had court today man not lookin so good they are charging me with possession with intent to sale even though i didnt have anythin sacked up it was just a few large boulders hidden plus the fuckin gun charge man lawyer says worst case scenario im going in for 5 years way more than the 2-3 i was thinking. but the lawyer says they usually hit with hella charges and maybe i can take a plea deal for possession only he says im really lucky i dont have any serious priors or id be fucked fosho. i didnt have the gun on me it was hidden in the trap spot so they might drop that charge i played it smart and didnt fess up to the ratchet i said someone else must have hidden it there when i let my friend borrow my whip. but anyways shit is depressin got a fat cup of prometh and some pills to take my mind off this shit hopefully il OD and not have to deal with this shit. on top of this my good fams got raided last week for moving packs out of state shit the whole world is falling down on niggas right now.

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plus i aint black or mexican lmao i put the nice clothes on and look like innocent hopin the judge go lucky on me i can clean up my look and make em think twice!


After today's court appearance, looks like you got the judge


right where you want em.


Must of had your Handsome Boy Modeling School duds on today.

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