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Travel Log - Hunting, Hitchhiking, Painting & Getting Dirty: Traveling Across America


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At a park next to lake walker, nv. Spent past few days alone miles from anything broke down by lake topaz, nv. This RV was not meant for cold weather. very cold. got a space at rv park for the night to get electricity. no heat. they do have a shower but it was wired improperly and touching the water was mild electric shock, so called that quits.

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coffee maker works, poured some soup in the pot and water in the tank and percolated some watery soup. it's fucking cold, man. hot spotting wireless from my phone. transmission slipped on a big ass hill. rv is neat but hella dependent. gonna driver back to gardnerville and get my wagon back. missed a couple roadkill, rig's too big to be wanderlusty.

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Made it back to Carson City, unloaded everything off the RV, crammed it all in my car and took off again.




I think I made it all the way that day to Buckeye Hot Springs, near Travertine in the Mono Lake area. I got through to Death Valley, but got somehow shredded my tire about ten miles down a washboard dirt road outside Eureka Dunes, and alas! my jack was broken.


Currently I'm outside Amarillo, Texas at the moment, going for the long shot to Arkansas, I'll post some more later today, I have to drive during the daytime as it's incredibly icy and driving these pitch black highways is hella dangerous in this car.


Thanks for the well wishes. Check out this little dude I picked up off Hwy 84 in New Mexico!!



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Mission: Travel from Oakland, CA to Nashville, TN by Dec. 24

Reason: Visit Family and Friends

Method: 28ft RV

Style: Overconfident Adventurous

Supplies: "Dorothy" - 1995 Subaru Legacy, 2wd, passenger seat removed, 2 German Shepherd Husky puppies, 5 guns, A few hundred dollars, boatload of 94, snowsuit, typewriter (?!)), Canon t4i, a bunch of LED's, 18 hours of podcasts, and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, 28ft RV waiting near Reno

Difficulty: Just broke up w girlfriend of 5 years, only bank card with money is demagnetized.



Order of operations:


Dec. 2, very early morning


1. Oakland Ghost Ship Fire. Many lost lives. Sleeping on floor of my studio a few blocks away, wake up, can't even see sky, police and helicopters, yelling, go back to sleep to wake up to mayhem.

2. Next day. Friend in Carson City, NV says borrow my RV indefinitely (TN and back to CA)

3. Pack up car to the gills, drive to NV, load up RV, aux battery's busted, install a new one, doesn't work - no electric or gas pumps work - water, stove, or fridge (Propane doesn't work either - surprise!) or anything when not running the engine.... Alright.

4. RV won't start for 2-3 days due to cold, romp around in total silence for a while

5. Figure a trick to start RV in cold, 100 miles later transmission slips once or twice. Next town, RV park mech says do NOT take this cross country,

6. Return RV, nearly out of money, reload Dorothy wagon to the fucking gills with so much shit and two dogs, take off south bc weather is taxing.

7. Go to Eureka Dunes, the singing dunes of Death Valley for the nigh (shortest adventurous trip for the route east). All the food I bought had spoiled from broken RV. Hiking in the snowsuit pays off. Dunes are dry and a 4 hr climb pays off by sliding down the dunes, at a 15 degree angle, in static electric Beethovian vibrations and humming soundwaves. The dogs are learning to challenge fear and follow suit, to a harmonious sandwave response.


At this point maybe 2-3 hrs of cumulative human interaction in 10 days


8. Shred a tire 50-60 miles from anything deep in DV, jack is broken, lost my lug wrench, some time later 4x4 truck drives by from alaska, helps me swap to donut, trade him a book of sacred geometry.

9. Drive back to Lone Pine, get new tire, almost bankrupt, drive thru DV at night to slip past the park fees.

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Well.. I finally made it out of Tennessee. Er- almost - I'm in Memphis now, on my way out west again. I really meant to update the voyage up to this point, but unfortunately tragic events intervened. On Christmas day, one of my oldest and best friends died in Memphis. Betor (UH ICR) and I spent many, many years cutting our chops in the graff world. Exploring every square inch of abandoned property we could find, painting freights till dawn, painting countless chill walls, we even made our own rap group with the other leg of the tripod, Nosey (42), we called ourselves Krunkn8rs. So silly.

SO.... Rest in Paradise my good man, Betor Forever!


Most of this trip (the past 3 weeks) has been planning and finishing a memorial wall for Betor. Freezing rain, ruined paint, a 35 foot tree in the middle of the wall that we had to cut down, scraping and priming the wall, and heaps of other things all made for a very... very.... very....... intense experience. Also I was living out of my car, middle of winter, it has been a challenging voyage. I'll post up more pics of the finished wall when I get them from the photographer.


On a lighter note, Dorothy, my station wagon, is NO MORE! Why, you ask? Because I BOUGHT A FUCKING VAN BIIITTTTCHHHHH!!




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Roadkill owl, double U-turn on the interstate


The leg of the trip from New Mexico to Tennessee was pretty uneventful. I did find that roadkill deer and cut his head off. Boiled it in my homie's back yard. Lots of packing and unpacking, not getting great sleep. In Memphis, I kicked it at fellow Oontzer "MemphisorDie"s house, super rad, thanks man!! He also gave me a tour of recent graff in Mtown. My crew/soul mate Panda UH finally finished the first draft of his film, link:

and premiered in in Memphis, as a benefit fundraiser for Betor's funeral expenses and to help his family. My super best homie Lets UH put me up in his crib and sold me his van. SO STOKED ON IT.
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Sad news with your friend.


Yea fuck 2016, 'twas a bad one here as well.


Nice van, and that new video looks awesome! When / where to see the full version?



Here's to 2017.




You're in Germany right?


Thanks! When we get hard copies made, I'm going to see if 12oz will stock it on their site, as well as Mook Life. Currently it's only hosted on a private server thing.

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