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Travel Log - Hunting, Hitchhiking, Painting & Getting Dirty: Traveling Across America


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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA


in all my days on the internet that is probably the nicest american rolled joint i have ever seen. thank you for taking the time to appreciate the art of rolling a nice clean joint.


kir is a fucking inspiration i want to attempt something similar this summer but more along the lines of bumming my way to every festival for the next 8 months here and where ever.

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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA


Dude that joint is rolled in what's called...a joint roller. You can buy perfect prerolled's from most dispensaries that I've heard of and every coffee shop in Amsterdam that I've ever set foot in.


True story:



I copped this exact model and yeah, it does pump out 120x absolute perfect cones that quick, but its the prep time that takes forever. Overall, the best $8k I've spent in a minute.


Its too bad other faggots with this machine use absolute trashy outdoor trim in their pre-rolls. Good trees = loyal clientele.


I can post one of those annoying hi-res pix of that Purple Kush if you dudes want to see what they rolled with. For $10-$12 retail at certain CA dispensaries, it's the best deal out there IMO. 1.3 Gs of top shelf is worth it for daily smokers. Most top shelf goes for $14-$20/g.


Now, Cheeba Chews will absolutely wreck your shit. You can't buy em in most of CA because most counties banned them. I can say it is hands down the most potent edible on the market. If you ate an entire "deca-dose" you'd literally freak the fuck out.


The only other time I've been that fucked from an edible, it took 3x days to wear off. Every time I shit/burped/pissed...it smelled like trees. I would start w 1/2 of the CC quad dose, and take it from there. A "deca" will crush at least 3 seasoned stoners no problem.


Here's the promo-vid from CO:



I'm looking frwd to whatever adventure KIR reports back with. I got a feeling he's gonna have a pretty rad story to tell...if he doesn't pass out.

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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA


As LEG1T as your pot talk is get the fuck out of here you fags.


You could have made your displays of future hospitality way quicker and then you wouldn't be such a blitzqueen.


KIR, things work out for good people, especially if you are white and have an army story hahaha

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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA


Thanks Karl - For the record this guy has been really nice, planning on meeting up tomorrow, very lucky to have people like this that will hook up a dude just off of the internet.


BW - yeah I am very keenly aware of that habit, and I steer very clear of it. I have a rule that I don't do anything harder than alcohol or weed two days in a row. It has worked out well. I don't go out of my way to procure those, but when they do present themselves, I don't mind partaking a bit.


On being white - I know that my being white carries with it a sort of entitlement. I don't agree with it, but in many situations it has been what I consider to be a very good card to play. In other situations, it has gotten me into trouble. There are many cards to play, your neighborhood, your upbringing, your lifestyle, etc. All of us play the cards that are most beneficial to us at each given moment. This is not to say that we are fakes, traitors, or dishonest, it's just human nature. For instance, I don't play my white card when other white people are being racist. I play my decency card. I will gladly get in an argument, debate, or even a fight if someone is being offensively racist, sexist, or any of the sort. I've been in six real fights in my life, four with sexists, two with racists, and only one over graffiti. In the scenario posted before, I don't think that my being white was what helped me out. What saved me was being well informed and well educated. I knew that the officer was asking for consent, not taking it. So in that sense, no matter my race, knowing the letter of the law is what saved me. The military shirt was merely the icing on the cake.


I have been staying with my great uncle in Fremont, CA for the past week. He is 78 years old, a retired history professor. A wonderful man to talk to. He told me today that "some men, they just have too much tumbleweeds in their blood to stay in one place."

As i was contemplating this, and thinking that he was referring to me, and feeling rather good about it, he continued, "But take you for example,.... you don't know dung from wild honey."


I am trying to figure out which best describes me at this point. It's a dead tie.


Throwback - staying in Montana four months ago with my other great uncle - the pastor at a baptist church in a town of 120 people in the middle of a Crow indian reservation. He is here with his unbelievably faithful wife, and Leland Walking Bear - a Crow indian who took me up through the reservation where white people weren't allowed. We were watching a horse whisperer teach cowboys how to rangle a wild buck.




Got a job in MT at a fishing outfitter's cabin being maintenence manager. This is a painting of Leland Walking Bear with his horse on the rim of the canyon by his cabin.





Timeskipping to my cabin in WA, found a dead bird




Now to San Fancysisco, at the MOMA, boobs by Wayne THeobould (sp)




and a photograph exhibition by a young woman who killed herself at 23.

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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA


I can't tell you all how much I appreciate the support I get from this forum. It means a lot. I will be leaving SF to go south in a few days. I noticed several people commenting about writing a book. This I have thought about much. I have taken notes on the typewriter throughout the trip and have never considered them to be worthy of publication. I brought the idea up to a certain member of the site and was encouraged to make it a reality. As it stands, I am writing vehemently every day on a book about this journey. I have about 2/5? of it written, edited, and satisfied so far. I cannot thank you all enough for your encouragement and support on this. I would encourage anyone who has even the slightest inclination to shuck the mantles of society to do so. It has definately been the most important and beneficial decision of my life. I don't know if I will ever go back to where I grew up, where I lived, and where my family is. I have no idea where I am in this journey but every day has been more important, more relevant, and more exciting than the last.

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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA


:D I just noticed that Pear tag creeping in the doo-doo picture


PEAR is absolutely CRUSHING SF right now. Dudes put in some serious work recently. I'm SF born and raised and thankful to see MFs still have the drive to crush 7x7 miles in such a short time...minus the wackness.


KIR is a good people. Personally, I think his posts speak for themselves. Looking frwd to more, and I'd absolutely read that book.


Gung hay fat choy to whatever fucking color you are this wknd... :china:

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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA


i was driving from northeast oklahoma back home to dallas yesterday and i saw a kid(20-22 yrs old) walking

down the highway with a sign that said DALLAS tied to the back of his backpack. i decided to give him a ride

and he instantly reminded me of Keepittrail. he was from missouri and just wanted to visit dallas.. for no

apparent reason. he said he planned on going to san antonio afterwards and then maybe out further west

before heading home. other than his clothes tent and a sleeping bag all he had was $200 a month in food

stamps. i would normally never give a ride to a stranger like that but i'm glad i did, it helped him get down

the road a ways and it helped me pass the time on the boring drive. i would have gave him a ride all the way

into dallas but i had some business to do and he could not go along. he said no problem at all and was thankful

for the 100 or so miles i let him ride along. i gave him my phone number and told him that if/when he makes

it into dallas to give me a call and at the least i'll hook him up with a burger, beer and a joint. so anyways that's

my coolstorybr0, just thought i'd share

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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA


Just linked to this thread from the SF thread and read through it.

Now I'm reconsidering selling my car to hop freight this summer. I've lived out of both a backpack and my car before; both have their merits.

I sometimes have a hard time finding a place to sleep in my vehicle.

Was your near-search the only trouble you encountered trying to camp?


Oh yeah, and I have the same car (I think), a '96 Legacy Brighton

How many miles on yours? Mine having 211,000 is another consideration..

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