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Travel Log - Hunting, Hitchhiking, Painting & Getting Dirty: Traveling Across America


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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA


Make a raft out of tires and palm trees.


I'm joking, don't do it....where there's a will there's probably a plane ticket...or you could just get us to pay for it. Imagine...if you manage to get there, Channel Zero will have collectively helped you break a stupid federal law not to mention that lately we seem to be rather generous.


I'd donate a few bucks if you actually intend to do this. (Who am I kidding, of course you're going to do this.)


And your postcard will be going out tomorrow since I kind of got sidetracked.

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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA


Wow, very kind, very kind words and a great gift, thank you da1ly - going to work one a lil summn summn for ya tonight.



Just sent out a package to Loisville, And Pertplus1 You will be receiving a package shortly as well!! Look at this drawing from Pert1 - I was absolutely dying when I got this package...like I stopped halfway up my driveway and just threw down all the other mail and just laughed maniacally and made a racket. Nice work.


Look at me - I'm upgrading like a pro.


Many thanks again. And no ads... and they can get higher res too. Very great present!!!




Black & white sketch by BloodyWishes



Got a visit by a member fo the oz - Thanks for the beer! Hollar at me so I can sent you some jerky


The next road over from my driveway has this big metal 1" thick wire blocking it, but I found that one of the benefits of having a smaller car is that you can just sort of slide under those hanging wires. Mine got caught on the roof rack and tore part of it off, but it was worth it.





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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA


Yeah! And I painted with Foes and Ksra and Hops too. I paint with anyone who's down, I stopped caring about graffiti too long ago to pay attention to whether its cool or not to paint with a certain person.




Holy shit I went hiking last night and accidentally ended up camping instead. I took a disposable camera so I'll upload those when I figure out where to develop them. I think I have to drive to the next real town. Ahoy there! I just discoverd this on the wall next to me



Now i can get some painting done...


But more realistically - I have been trying to update but the site seeems to have been giving itself a hernia, and I can't get it to not take 20 minutes to open a page... buit it seems better now


I have been doing much more typing on my typewriter at home, so forgive the recently shanty updates. Perts - I had used your stickers to write your name on your package and the lady tried to make me pay priority cause she could see the little diagonal blue lettering on the stickers. So I wrapped the whole thing in a cheap evnelope and it was only 30cencts. Only two more weeks in this cabin!!!! I must get to work!!!

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