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Travel Log - Hunting, Hitchhiking, Painting & Getting Dirty: Traveling Across America


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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA


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The route has been modified.Undo

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I-90 E (3,077 mi / 2 days 3 hours)

Patricia Bay Hwy/BC-17 N (3,166 mi / 2 days 8 hours)

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Suggested routes


3,210 mi, 2 days 8 hours

I-90 E


Driving directions to I-24 E 3D

Via Blanshard St/Patricia Bay Hwy/BC-17 N, US-2 E, I-90 E, US-191 N/US-26 E/US-89 N/W Broadway, I-135 S, US-166 E/US-400 E, Thomas St - remove all

This route includes a ferry.

This route has tolls.

This route crosses through Canada.


Morton, WA


1. Head north on 2nd St toward Lester Dr



0.1 mi

2. Continue onto WA-7 N/Morton Rd

Continue to follow WA-7 N




16.2 mi

3. Turn left to stay on WA-7 N



31.5 mi

4. Turn left onto Washington 704 W



0.6 mi

5. Continue onto Spanaway Loop Rd S



3.9 mi

6. Continue straight onto 116th St S



0.3 mi

7. Continue straight onto Steele St S



0.6 mi

8. Turn right to merge onto WA-512 W toward Olympia/Tacoma



0.5 mi

9. Take the exit onto I-5 N toward Tacoma/Seattle



4.0 mi

10. Take exit 132 for S 38th St



0.2 mi

11. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Tacoma Mall and merge onto WA-16 W



27.3 mi

12. Take the Washington 3 N ramp to Bremerton/Poulsbo



0.3 mi

13. Keep right at the fork to continue toward WA-3 N



364 ft

14. Keep left at the fork and merge onto WA-3 N



25.3 mi

15. Turn left onto WA-104 W/Hood Canal Bridge/State Route 104 W

Continue to follow WA-104 W/State Route 104 W




15.1 mi

16. Take the ramp to US-101 N/US-101 W/Olympic Hwy



0.3 mi

17. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for US-101 N and merge onto US-101 N/US-101 W/Olympic Hwy

Continue to follow US-101 W




36.6 mi

18. Turn right onto N Lincoln St



367 ft

19. Turn left onto E Railroad Ave



0.1 mi

20. Turn right at N Laurel St



0.1 mi

21. Take the Victoria, BC - Port Angeles, Wa ferry to Victoria

Entering Canada (British Columbia)




23.3 mi

22. Continue straight onto Ferry Ramp



0.1 mi

23. Turn left onto Belleville St



0.4 mi

24. Take the 2nd left onto Douglas St/Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 N



1.1 mi

25. Turn right onto Bay St



0.1 mi

26. Keep left at the fork



135 ft

27. Turn left onto Blanshard St/Patricia Bay Hwy/BC-17 N

Continue to follow Patricia Bay Hwy/BC-17 N




14.1 mi

28. Turn right onto McTavish Rd



381 ft

29. Turn left onto Lochside Dr



0.9 mi

30. Continue onto 5 St



0.2 mi

31. Turn right onto Ocean Ave



0.2 mi

32. Take the 1st right onto Ferry Ramp



105 ft

33. Take the 1st right to stay on Ferry Ramp



0.2 mi

34. Take the Sidney, BC - Orcas Island, WA ferry

Entering United States (Washington)




22.9 mi

35. Take the Anacortes - Orcas Island ferry to Anacortes



14.9 mi

36. Continue straight onto Anacortes Ferry Terminal



0.1 mi

37. Continue onto Ferry Terminal Rd



0.6 mi

38. Continue onto Oakes Ave



1.9 mi

39. Continue onto 12th St



1.1 mi

40. Turn right onto Commercial Ave



1.3 mi

41. Turn left onto WA-20 Spur E



2.7 mi

42. Continue straight onto WA-20 E/State Route 20 E



7.0 mi

43. Slight right onto State Route 536 E/WA-536 E/Memorial Hwy

Continue to follow State Route 536 E/WA-536 E




5.4 mi

44. Turn left onto W Kincaid St



0.1 mi

45. Turn right to merge onto I-5 S



43.3 mi

46. Take exit 182 for Interstate 405 S toward Bellevue/Renton



0.9 mi

47. Merge onto I-405 S



18.2 mi

48. Take exit 11 to merge onto I-90 E toward Spokane



101 mi

49. Slight left to stay on I-90 E

Passing through Idaho

Entering Montana




295 mi

50. Take exit 33 for MT-135 toward St Regis



0.2 mi

51. Turn left onto MT-135 W



21.6 mi

52. Turn left onto MT-200 W (signs for Thompson Falls)



8.3 mi

53. Turn right onto MT-28 E



46.6 mi

54. Turn left onto US-93 N



34.9 mi

55. Turn right onto Market Pl St



0.1 mi

56. Market Pl St turns left and becomes 2nd Ave E N



0.1 mi

57. Turn right onto US-2 E/E Idaho St

Continue to follow US-2 E




1.9 mi

58. Turn left to stay on US-2 E



11.1 mi

59. Turn left onto MT-40 W



0.2 mi

60. Take the 1st right toward MT-40 E



187 ft

61. Take the 1st left toward MT-40 E



115 ft

62. Take the 1st left toward MT-40 E



79 ft

63. Turn left toward MT-40 E



377 ft

64. Turn left onto MT-40 E



0.2 mi

65. Take the 1st right onto US-2 W



11.1 mi

66. Turn left onto MT-35 E



17.1 mi

67. Turn left onto MT-83 S



91.0 mi

68. Turn left onto MT-200



23.8 mi

69. Turn right onto MT-141 S



32.4 mi

70. Turn right onto US-12 W



12.9 mi

71. Turn left toward Qtr Horse Dr (signs for I-90 E/Butte/Comping)



0.7 mi

72. Continue straight onto Qtr Horse Dr



0.6 mi

73. Merge onto I-90 E via the ramp to Butte



42.3 mi

74. Merge onto I-15 N



7.7 mi

75. Continue onto I-90 E



61.5 mi

76. Take exit 288 toward Manhattan/Amsterdam/State Route 346/State Route 284



0.2 mi

77. Turn left onto Churchill Rd



0.1 mi

78. Turn left to merge onto I-90 W



13.6 mi

79. Take exit 274 for US-287 toward Helena/Ennis



0.3 mi

80. Turn left onto US-287 S



46.1 mi

81. Turn left to stay on US-287 S



40.5 mi

82. Turn right onto MT-87 S

Entering Idaho




8.6 mi

83. Continue onto ID-87 S



9.1 mi

84. Turn right onto US-20 W



41.7 mi

85. Turn left onto ID-32 N/ID-47 N/Main St

Continue to follow ID-32 N/ID-47 N




1.0 mi

86. Turn right onto ID-32 N/N 3600 E

Continue to follow ID-32 N




28.3 mi

87. Turn left onto ID-33 E

Entering Wyoming




23.9 mi

88. Continue onto WY-22 E



17.4 mi

89. Turn left onto US-191 N/US-26 E/US-89 N/W Broadway



0.1 mi

90. Take the 1st right onto Powderhorn Ln



0.2 mi

91. Turn right onto Maple Way



0.3 mi

92. Turn left onto US-189 S/US-191 S/US-26 W/US-89 S/W Broadway

Continue to follow US-191 S




174 mi

93. Turn left onto the U.S. 30 E/Interstate 80 ramp to Rawlins/Wyoming 430



0.4 mi

94. Merge onto I-80 E/U.S. 30 E

Continue to follow I-80 E




253 mi

95. Take exit 359A to merge onto I-25 S/US-87 S toward Denver

Entering Colorado




79.7 mi

96. Take exit 228 toward Limon

Partial toll road




1.0 mi

97. Merge onto E-470 S

Toll road




24.6 mi

98. Take exit 20 for Smith Rd toward I-70/Aurora/Denver/Limon/Gun Club Rd

Toll road




0.7 mi

99. Continue straight



0.2 mi

100. Turn left to merge onto I-70 E

Entering Kansas




410 mi

101. Take exit 250A to merge onto I-135 S/US-81 S toward Wichita



89.8 mi

102. Take exit 6A to merge onto US-400 E/US-54 E/E Kellogg Ave toward Kellogg Ave

Continue to follow US-400 E/US-54 E




25.9 mi

103. Continue onto US-400 E



61.7 mi

104. At the traffic circle, continue straight to stay on US-400 E



63.5 mi

105. Turn right onto KS-7 S



11.1 mi

106. Continue onto US-69 S/Northeast Ave

Continue to follow US-69 S




10.2 mi

107. Turn left onto US-166 E



10.6 mi

108. Turn right onto US-166 E/US-400 E

Entering Missouri




2.2 mi

109. At the traffic circle, continue straight to stay on US-166 E/US-400 E



0.4 mi

110. Take the ramp onto I-44 E



68.3 mi

111. Take exit 69 for MO-360 E/James River Frwy toward To Route 60



0.2 mi

112. Merge onto MO-360 E



3.2 mi

113. Continue onto James River Fwy E



0.5 mi

114. Continue onto US-60 E



92.0 mi

115. Continue onto US-63 S

Entering Arkansas




168 mi

116. Take exit 1A for Interstate 55 S toward Memphis



0.5 mi

117. Merge onto I-55 S



18.7 mi

118. Slight left onto I-40 E

Entering Tennessee




6.3 mi

119. Take exit 1B to merge onto US-51 N/N Danny Thomas Blvd

Continue to follow US-51 N




3.5 mi

120. Take the ramp to I-40



269 ft

121. Merge onto TN-300 E



1.0 mi

122. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-40 E/Nashville and merge onto I-40 E



9.1 mi

123. Take exit 12C on the left to merge onto I-40 E toward Nashville



195 mi

124. Take exit 206 to merge onto I-440 E toward Knoxville



7.4 mi

125. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for I-24 E/Chattanooga and merge onto I-24 E



38.0 mi


I-24 E


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These directions are for planning purposes only. You may find that construction projects, traffic, weather, or other events may cause conditions to differ from the map results, and you should plan your route accordingly. You must obey all signs or notices regarding your route.

Map data ©2011 Europa Technologies, Google

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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA




Whenever I travel to that part of the state I think about the history there.


Here is a essay about the Centralia Massacre, I am in a rush or I would dig for something better. Worth the read anyway.







Has the phrase "Gang Banging in Mossy Rock" ever crossed your mind?

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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA


read the entire thread over the past few days..exceptionally entertaining. it was difficult to imagine a person living so free of restraint mega props to you. also you keep the place spotless those floors are cleaner than most peoples houses i know i imagined the place to be in utter disarray. props

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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA


A reply to MemphisorDie's letter - thanks!!


Also I am going to the post office after this to mail out FIVE letters and packages!! Thanks and please keep in touch. Some of you will be getting some early christmas persnts. And if anyone is still interested, I have this much meat to go through in the next 3 weeks, when I leave here. So... you can let me know by PM or Keepitrail@gmail.com. A relative got me a plane ticket and is flying me to Tennessee for the holidays. Going to leave my car here on the West Coast and then come back and resume the journey early January. I'm so excited to see California.... I am also trying to rig up some way to go to Cuba, if anyone has had experience with that sort of thing.



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