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Travel Log - Hunting, Hitchhiking, Painting & Getting Dirty: Traveling Across America

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Friends and Fam - I am back. Misterraven and several others have dug me out of the homo dungeons of solitude and breathed fresh air into my woefully bankrupt lungs. Good timing - and thank you.  

@Fist 666You're in Ashveille?? That's awesome. I will totally come visit. You moved?   @misteravenYo you're in Montana? Fuck yeah. I am thinking of doing a Wyoming/Montana tour this Spring/S

Also thank you for everyone who's kept up with me the past what - five years? More? Y'all kept me going. More than family at times, seriously. Pictures and more to come soon \ - ANYONE IN :

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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA


12 OUNCE BALLER, this guy! if this fool makes jerky i'm on that package wagon for definitely.


Same here but Im sending you a package already sometime this week...stay safe in your travels and keep us posted....


and if you DO ever make it to the Bay area...u got food, water, beer, and a shower here homie..





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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA


Ah, sorry - All clear now






I really like it too. It was such a beautiful morning.



Some times it is really difficult waking up very cold and alone and not talking to anyone for days and not knowing what to do or having so much to do you can't start or stop one thing...

but then I get to drive a bit and realize what a beautiful place this is. I get stuck all up on the hill in a fog and the trees surrounding sometimes feels like i'm all locked in. But when I get to drive...and see this beautiful country, all of that anxiety and frustration seems to die, to be quiet and soften its voice to nothing, to where you're not sure if it's there or not or if it will ever come back but for that moment and however long you can, you think maybe if you didn't have that agitation that this scene wouldn't be so soft and quiet in comparison.


But then I find sometimes if you can get in that mindset of frustration and aches of the mind then a moments repose comes so easily in those moments when you can climb just over the edge and start painting, or writing, or planning more trips, what will be done when you leave here in December. Ahhhh, those are good moments.






Such beautiful country!!


And the fishing is fantastic!

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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA


GOT my first package today!!


Thank you, it was perfect.


Just sent one back out to you.


And Seeking! You bought my first painting at the cabin. Thank you!


And YES I will make it out to the Bay Area. I will go to Portland next and then continue South. Thank you for the many offers of beer, showers, and long drunken walks on the beach. I look forward to the warm weather, you can be sure of that.


Also looking forward to Nevada and New Mexico. I really want to see the desert. I always think of Lawrence of Arabia. I liked that man.


I had frozen all the meat and I just thawed it today. I also am considering the box fan method, that was very genius, but I believe I will try to smoke it first, as I would not have to buy filters or use electricity, and I like the idea of using the wood from where the deer made his home and mine.

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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA


And YES I will make it out to the Bay Area.


Cool...maybe we can do a collaborative piece at my house. "At" meaning "on" my house. I'd much rather have that than a painting.


...I look forward to the warm weather, you can be sure of that.


Uhhh....you might be a little disappointed if you're expecting flip-flop and t-shirt weather. December can be kind of hectic here, but not unbearable.


I'd recommend a stop at Black Bear Ranch if it were earlier in the year...by now they're probably snowed in, but they're sort of like our sister community up north and all about sustainable living/DIY/hunting type things.

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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA




I gotta make this quick!!


Fuck yes!





It snowed last night! First one - and it was fucking PERFECT.




First try on the jerky - marinade with pineapples and worstecher and hot sauce









Be back soon! Stay safe n dry and warm


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