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Travel Log - Hunting, Hitchhiking, Painting & Getting Dirty: Traveling Across America


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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA


He then took a soft left turn and passed on the far side of some small decaying pear trees. I took this moment, more or less, and had just enough time to softly and quickly raise the rifle to firing position and set the sights on him, where I followed him for a few seconds to get a clear shot, and at the moment he emerged from the far side of the trees I had him in the sights, with the small space behind his foreleg slightly above my crosshair, as I had yet to calculate fully the consistency of shot, and knew that I was still high.


There was nothing then but the absolute totality of the moment when I took him. I cannot remember anything that happened in those few seconds, for every point of my mind was completely and utterly devoid of thought, I don't know how to explain it.


i read a lot, KIR you could totally be a writer.


this whole trip, and it seems your lifestyle in general, screams WRITE A BOOK

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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA


You got a pack coming mayne



Looking forward to it!! Fuck yes...




KIR back to the future.


Oh man I saw the tail end of this like seven years ago and never could find it again... That's awesome.


i read a lot, KIR you could totally be a writer.


this whole trip, and it seems your lifestyle in general, screams WRITE A BOOK


That's really nice. I read a lot too - what do you read mostly? Right now I'm all over Hemingway and Thoreau and Dumas. That means a lot... I keep getting people saying that, I have been doing a lot of writing but never really considered putting it all together. I will start working on this with that in mind, thank you.


random question for KIR:


are you left handed?


NH... just been thinking a lot about the tendency of lefties to be creatively talented.


Hah... No.


If you ever wrote a book (you should) I would definitely pay for it.

I'm gonna send you some shit from Australia to say thanks for the awesome thread. Too good.


Please do! And make sure to put a return address on there. I wish I could mail you some of this delicious deer.


LOL ^^ truth.. 24'd



also - KIR - Great paintings man keep up the good work!


Thanks... I have a show tonight, wish me luck..


how longs it generally take to butcher a fresh buck start to finish? i presume even the most experienced hunter takes a good while.


Jesus christ, well this was my second time. I will go into more detail, but overall about 8-9 hours total.


i've been trying to write you a letter for the past 20 minutes, but i keep starting over.

i'm trying to have nice girly handwriting, but i keep fucking up.

maybe i'll just type it instead.


You should definately write this letter!!!! Don't start over! Just write it all in one big excited frenzy... and mail it to me!!


This thread makes me want to drop all this bullshit here in the city and hit the road.


Yes... every time I go into the city and deal with everything in it I get so excited to know that I don't have to put myself in this environment every day. I would highly recommend a wandering voyage. It did the trick for me..



i plan on sending somethin out pretty soon


Do it, do it do it....





And I haven't gotten anything yet but I am in a very excited state to see what comes into the mailbox or arrives on my porch under that strange guardian mask...


Be sure to include a return address if you do send anything - I will be very delighted to send a reply or start a correspondence!

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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA


That was a lot of replying. I think I missed some. But at any rate, as I never have the time I wish I could spend, I will do the replying in photographs.




Trying to figure out how to hang this up was a challenging endeavor. I tried to gut it on the ground first, which ended up being the right thing to do, but then I decided I should hang it up because it was, well, I don't know why I figured I should, but I just did it.



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Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA




So like I said I started to gut it, then began to hang it up.


But then all the half-guts came out and hung all weird and it was hard to get up into the chest cavity.


The process goes like this, best as I can figure. Cut at the belly button and run your knife or scissors if you have really sharp ones up through to the sternum between the nipples and then keep going on top of the sternum which turns into a tough boneline material (it's probably bone) and up to the clavical and then

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