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Morning spliff before anal cavity search

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i'm almost positive that tsa employees (the majority) don't give a flying fuck if someone has a little bit of weed, chances are they'll take the drug for themselves before reporting it. how many times have any of you heard about someone getting arrested for a little bit of drugs at an airport?


like i said in my previous post, it stank of weed for a good 10ft around me when i was in the airport, with the security guards and everything, and nothing happened. i happily blew my opana when i touched down in paris.

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"I'm here for the B.C.S."



Body Cavity Search


My fist shatters your grill

I've done what I've done

Time for me to fufill my desires to kill

All that tries to kill me I return

My intention is TO SEE YOU BURN!


No soy el muchacho con mal intenciones

En la casa yo soy el hombre com pantalones

Tenga una fuerza como herculito

Si no te gusta pues Mamame el bicho




Nadie nunca vas a entender

Aqui yo soy que nunca vas a perder

Pasas años y todavia quiere joder

Como tyson a si te voy a morder

Quieres gritar como una mujer

To voy a mostrar y ahora vas a prender

Tu tiene mucho pelos en tu lengua

De tu boca sale mucha mierda

Empanadas de macana somos por la maseta


Body cavity search

Is what I intend to give you

There's no hope

When my fist goes right through you

Don't you feel surprised that I'm not,

Not your dentist

Now your face is numb

Don't you feel a little restless

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I took shrooms one day and then got a call that my flight had been moved to that day instead of the next day. It was an interesting flight to say the least but would not do it again.


Yeah I flew on the tail end ofa mushroom trip as well and itsucked. I'd been up for two days, had the same clothes on, was sweaty and unshaven amd convinced some drug enforcement yahoo was going to pop out at any minute. Being high on planes sucks.


Thankfully it was only a 1 hour flight.

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Hilarious shit fags scared to get high before going to the airport. Talking about changing clothes and shit. Ya'll must live with your parents, no one gives a fuck if you stink like weed at the airport. blow blunts and drink whiskey at the airport bar. 10 dollars a shot??? No problem, they give you a double for A LITTLE more. amateurs

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Forget it.

All of you should carry weed on you in the airports.

Small amounts won't get you busted.

No not at all.

They really don't care.

I mean, why would any security group that strip searches old ladies in wheelchairs care about your weed?

I know, I know...they are looking for bombs...and ONLY bombs.

For real, they don't care.

I read the TSA memo that said they don't give a fuck.

Those were the exact words, too.


Go nuts, guys.

Have a blast.

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I'm not sure dude said when, he's probably somewhere else by now. Either way, if you're thinking of doing it you have to ask yourself if it's worth the potential hassle you will face, whether it's extensive searching or getting arrested. Anyone even considering taking shit with them on the plane should consider the fact that once you step into the airport it's all federally regulated territory. Sure, there might be the random cool guy who doesn't give a shit about some weed, but on the other hand, all of those TSA motherfuckers are federal officers by nature of their employment, and if they catch you with something illegal it only makes them look good. On top of that, shit that might normally cause you no trouble could land your ass in hot water once you hit the airport. Get drunk and act like an ass in a bar, maybe you get thrown out on your ass or beat up by a bouncer. Do that shit on a plane, end up in federal court the next day with your name in the news. As someone stated above me, you can easily find some shit where you touch down.


This all being said, 2 stories I was told of recently. One homie of mine, who has his medical card, hopped on the plane from the state that issued his card no questions asked and flew to a state that does not have any medical privileges no problem. Another homie told me how he and his boys were in CAN and had some good bud that they smoked before the airport so they wouldn't have it on them, walked in stinking. Security pulled them aside, they told them the truth, had their shit gone over thoroughly, and were on their way.

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Touring some quarries, huh?



this needs to be bumped.


and i think ive smoked weed 2 minutes before walking into an airport more times than i have not.


but thats because i live where i do and the majority of you dont.




quit being a pussy and eat that shit next time.

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