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Don't quit your day job.

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Re: You ever have those days....


^me too.


'on a long enough time line the survival rate for everyone drops to zero'


i'm not sure we could be any more insignificant when you consider the amount of stuff in the universe and the amount of time it has and will exist (ed)


do it to it

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Re: You ever have those days....


you die at the end.


fuck working jobs you dont enjoy. find a more chill pub to work at, brah.


this. and wait. if you're a bar tender, suck it up. what an awesome jerb, man.

there are a billion people out there including myself that would give just about

anything for a gig like that.

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Re: You ever have those days....


dazzle and swif, ill get back to you to both tomorrow! i promise (that ill try to remember...hah). My memory is appalling for things like that im afraid.


i haven't been a "bar tender" in years now, so im not sure why that came up. once upon a time i worked in many a pub / bar / club, then i moved onto managing them. Now i work in events / festivals / sales / marketings....


ps. my bad monday continued into a shit tuesday.

pps. drugs are bad.

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Re: You ever have those days....


don't let it bring you down, it's only castles burning


...and I just had this line in the headphones exactly while I read this...


During a lecture yesterday I figured three times that I should quit the studies and go work in a factory. Reconsidered it three times too

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My job (mike the) Situation:




I may be quitting my job tomorrow. I'm on my very absolute last leg with these people because of attendance issues. Tomorrow's meet with the HR guy will decide my future with the organization. It's a federal job. It's hard as assholes to get a single day off, the general guidelines are shit, the usual micro-over-managing of the worker ants and I've been part-time for 4 years. So I really see no further future. I will say that $18/hr probably cannot be made any easier than moving and handling baggage. nh.



With enough savings to last a few months and another couple checks being paid my vacation time, the plan is to cruise n lamp out for a month while casually job searching. Close homeboy has a mon-fri desk job at an oil parts co lined up for me as soon as they fire a slow older bitch. Could be a month to a few months+




One life ruined, another life made.


Circle Of Life brah






Resignation is the move. I'll update tomorrow afternoon.

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