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Teen Girl Loses Legs Trying To Catch A Freight

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Caller: "Oh my God! Somebody just tried to jump on the train and severed her legs!"


A witness made a gut-wrenching 911 call when a college student trying to hop aboard a moving train suffered a grievous injury; both her legs were cut off.


Caller: "Don't move her! Don't move her! Oh my God!"



Be Safe Kids.

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~See what happens when dumbass, yuppie, college student, wannabee hobo riders, are allowed to fuck around your rail spots?

~The same with toys & others who dont need 2 b fucking around the rails

~We had a new tribe of stupid loserfuck city humbums invade 1 of our layups

We were huge assholes to them apon meeting them the first two times

1st time we were drunk & violently threatened them & scared them

2nd time it was different members of their tribe, ..they were all real drunk & trying 2 b nice

We were being dicks, but they didnt get it, we just left em

~We patrol our yards & layups (when actual rail bulls arnt present) with ballbats

We shouldve ballbatted all these new hum-bums the 1st 2 times we ran into em,

~cuz shortly 2days after, 1 of em fell asleep on the tracks & got his legs chopped off

and now it's just another recent incident that makes it hard for me & my crew to do our thing


Police your yards

be mean

fuck the rr bulls

bull yourself

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Some 10 year old kid was screwing around on the tracks this time last year and he lose his legs too.


And just this week some guy was out on the tracks as the train was passing and it hit him...


...needless to say, he made the 10 year old kid seem the most fortunate...seeing as he died.

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