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Tommy Url

Ban Floppy Throw Ups

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Although there are no set rules on doing throw ups here are 10 general guidelines to follow


1. STRICTLY use CONTRASTING colors... If you dont, stay home... save yourself the embarrassment... stay away from browns greens oranges and oddball colors unless you know what your doing.. typical colors for throw ups and bombing are: Dark colors: black, blue(tends to be watery), red(or burgundy).... Light colors: white, silver, yellow, light blue(nice with burgandy).


2. Although throw ups look really nice when filled in solid, it is not necesary. However if you fill in lightly make sure you use EVEN SIDE TO SIDE STROKES... nothing screams TOY louder than a throw up filled in up-down left-right diagonally and following the shape of the letters all in the same throw up.


3. If painting a throw up on top of multiple tags YOU MUST FILL IN SOLID or your throwy will look outright SHITTY.. If painting on top of marker tags try using silver to fill in or spray some silver on top of the marker tags and then fill in.


4. You can get away with filling in rough.. but for the sake of humanity make sure your outline and 3d are SOLID.....


5. Avoid "wildstyle" throw ups or letters... throwys are meant to be fun and simple. Adding too much shapes and fragments comes off like your trying way too hard......


6. Avoid using extremely skinny or fat outlines... find a tip that sprays a medium to fat line and use speed to get the perfect line...


7. Paint them BIG... if you had the balls to paint one on an avenue, you should have the balls to spend an extra 30seconds to a minute, making them big and solid... tiny throw ups look COWARDLY like you wanted props but chickened out.


8. All the letters in your throw up should be similar as if the letters were in the same font family... throwys that all have different styled letters look like some HEAVY BITING has been going on... (a letter from xxxx anothere from yyyy a couple letters from anothere writer if no one notices FABULOUS)seems to be going on a lot nowadays.


9. A good throw up should either consistently have negative space or consistently have no negative space this rule goes hand to hand with rule #8


10. This rule is controversial, but in my opinion you should always paint a 3d on your throw up.. there are some throwys with no 3d that look alright, but in 2011 a throw up should have a solid filled 3d and if possible a SECONDARY OUTLINE(which can be done with any dope color)....


Graffiti is about freedom and anarchy (meaning no rules), and these guidelines aren't written on stone but if you follow these 10 tips you will better yourself as an artist and save planet earth from being overran by shitty ugly throw ups. If someone feels that this was meant for them it probably was (if the shoe fits wear it). Don't be a mommas boy and step your game up... then thank me afterwards......



Tommy URL.... yeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrppp!!!!!























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though i agree with alot of your points making guidelines for throws or graffiti in general seems like a bad idea. do you think twist and themo and skuf and those other writers you posted started out with dope throws like that? no..they did it by trial and error.. idk how many times ive changed my throw, everytime i thought it was on point a couple weeks or months later i'd be like "yo thats whack" and improve on it. right now as we speak im trying to reinovate my handstyle.. you always look for ways to improve on your shit, its evolution so to speak. i don't think any of them were sitting around reading how to guides on how to do throws properly.. they just fucking did it. and thats probably the end all to graffiti advice, just fucking do it. thats how you get better.




my 2 cents to add to the discussion. or start it more accurately lol.

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although I do put 3d on my throws I don't think it is that needed, a mate of mine has a nice throw and with or without a 3D it looks good

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70% of what was said i agree with. the other 30% was retarded, like how are you gonna tell people what colours to use, the fuck?

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Floppy throw ups are dope. New York has a lot. Look at that Skuf throw. Floppy.



Floppy is more like Adek, Lewy, toy ass niggas in that range etc.


Skuf, 2esae, etc, throw ups may definitely have a unique "flow" to it though.

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