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On a similar but sort of divergent note, how many of you are familiar with neuro-linguistic programming?


edit- For those of you that can't be bothered to look it up, the bonehead definition is it's what con artists and fortune tellers use to make a living...and marketing companies are beginning to study how it can be used to tailor advertising to individuals (good examples being Google and Facebook).


THAT, to me, is scary. But not particularly surprising.

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freemasonry is a way of life my friend the more i research about it the more intrigue i am with it and the more i want to be a part of the new world order get with the new era buddie if not say hello to genocide....


You weak-minded, traitorous piece of trash. :lol: Kidding. Somewhat.


You are aware of the fact that freemasonry is literally the equivalent of the Mickey Mouse Club when you're talking about TPTB. (The Powers That Be) Masonry stopped being relevant a century ago and is now almost entirely symbolic and ceremonial bullshit. You will hold no weight.


Might as well go with your local Elk's Lodge or Shriners. Skip the strange and embarrasing ceremonies and just get straight to the drinking and pedophilia.


Sick fuck you are. Sir.

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