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"Material of the future"

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Honeycomb Carbon Crystals Possibly Detected in Space


NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has spotted the signature of flat carbon flakes, called graphene, in space. If confirmed, this would be the first-ever cosmic detection of the material -- which is arranged like chicken wire in flat sheets that are one atom thick.


Graphene was first synthesized in a lab in 2004, and subsequent research on its unique properties garnered the Nobel Prize in 2010. It's as strong as it is thin, and conducts electricity as well as copper. Some think it's the "material of the future," with applications in computers, screens on electrical devices, solar panels and more.


Graphene in space isn't going to result in any super-fast computers, but researchers are interested in learning more about how it is created. Understanding chemical reactions involving carbon in space may hold clues to how our own carbon-based selves and other life on Earth developed.




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I am always sceptical about new chemicals and materials we create or find, we don't know enough about them yet and we go ahead and use them and encounter problems, not only to our health and environment, many of which have long lasting effects. I know it doesn't say anything about it being used yet, it will be eventually.

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graphene could really blow the lid offa lotta stuff.

could be incredibly beneficial


and anyway, we have to get out of using rare earth metals for shit lie electronics.. i'd like to see graphene replace it all

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