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jugzer drops a mixtape...


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this is actually pretty damn good. i'm about 2/3 of the way through right now. def feelin drop a mixtape, mike and htck. kush and pain and puff puff pass are pretty aite too. not too sure about call me and love & support. i mean it's all good to show a sensitive side and what not, but autotune is played out and i feel like you guys are way more fun on that hype, braggadocio, swag type shit.


on another note, you stole your rap name from this guy:





"i lived a life full of cuts and bruises/ hangin out with bums, dumb fucks and losers/ 40s and reefer how u s'posed to get some/ when u around 4 broke dudes and u the 5th one"


"...michaelangelo/ bout to go banana boat we only gettin richer/ ur girl ugly as fuck why she look like michael richards" lotta good "mike's" on this one, but this was my fav


"hoes tricks/ clothes kicks" nuf said. swag.


one question though. why u got a MIXtape and it's not mixed??? (as in blended, not EQ'd)


thanks a lot bro, appreciate the listen..

to be honest, we just make whatever the current instrumental tells us to,

so some of the shit is directed at the ladies, giggity..

also, you are listening to the old mix tape, which was recorded on an ibook g4 from jesus times..

the new shit is a lot more refined, but it was still recorded on garageband, hence the sound quality

real low budget type shit


check the new mix tape, school supplies




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