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watched the canucks choke yet again at a table in an upscale lounge in edmonton tonight with taylor hall.

and got the waitresses number.

great day to be an oiler fan...miss the playoffs for the sixth year in a row, but we got the number one draft again, calgary didnt make it, and vancity choked in the first round.


have fun golfing daniel and henrik.




ps. go hawks!

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Detroit has to replace Lidstrom, which is pretty effing impossible. Especially if nashville makes a deep cup run or even wins it, Suter and Weber will likely both re sign there. Throw into the mix that Philly will be looking to replace Pronger (or maybe not, they seem to be doing well without him), there D-man market is going to be very pricey this summer...

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Not drafting Yak' would be retarded IMO


Unless somebody overpays out the whazoo with a package featuring a stud D man you gotta draft him.

Also if we can somehow manage to sign Justin Schultz it's a no brainer.


Imagine RNH dishing to this all year...


yes please


Also, how did Hall's arm look? :lol:

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You have to think Mclellan is going to be fired.

Sharks will probably be holding onto Thorton, Pavelski, Couture, Burns, Demers, Boyle (?)

But guys like Marleau, Handzus (contract?), Clowe, Vlasic, etc are probably all trade bait now...


im down with keeping those guys you mention..i'd also add Murray & Havlat sucks he was injured for alot of games.


as far as Marleau ive been hearing alot of people wanting to let him go..i'd say one bad year he had i wouldnt let him go.. i'd prob keep Clowe too..


i'd trade Handzus,Vlassic,Galiardi (fool didnt do shit when we got em)maybe a few others..


im just sick of going to the playoffs and come out empty handed..shit we been in the playoffs since 2000 and havent done shit.

we went in all ways 1st in the league in the mid and this year barely making it and that hasnt work.

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Ya me too.. Couldn't put one in on him.. Ah well.. Nash shouldn't have too many problems getting past them.. Hope Boston pulls it out.. And the Rags also..

Phi vs the winner of bos/nyr? Phi wins vs. Winner of Nash/Stl goes 7 with stl pulling it out im guessing


Philly wins


The Rangers are playing in NYC tom right?? Think you gotta ride it out and go down with the ship Ralph..HAHA.. Nah, I don't know how much you got out there, but I like the Rags to win. Fuck the hedge..


McLellan and Vignealt should be the first to be fired..


Edmonton gonna be SICK in a few years... Just gotta pick up someone to play D



Edit.. Ralph: what did you win on the philly series.. Had to get pretty good series odds right??

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