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Yeah he's def gettin at least 5 at the minimum i would think. it was high, left his feet, was late, targeted the head, and was just blatant. Plus he's a repeat offender and they've been saying a lot of it is based on the severity of the resulting injury. Well he left on a stretcher. Although its still tough to tell given shannys track record so far.

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Seabrook- Someone said it was a year ago today- Not sure if thats true or not.. And Shaw getting 3 games for that garbage embellishment is ridiculous.. Pussy shit.. Ref's were drunk tonight also. Canucks fans over at hf loving hossa's injured... Gotta love the van fans... Hopefully they burn the city down this time


Edit- Forgot to say that it would be nice to see the hawks play with some emotion.. They seem heartless out there.. Stalberg sucks balls, and I've been saying for a while now Kane would get hit like that one of these days..

Saad coming up with hos injured

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i heard on the new torres is going to be suspended and will not make thursday nights game, his meeting with the leaugue is gonna be on friday. also some guy on the hockey causus thing is calling an investigation of the officials for missing the hit on hossa. it'll be interesting to see what happens

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This is just depressing. And I thought the playoffs were supposed to be decided by the players? I understand wanting to call it tight to avoid more shenanigans, but this was just over the top. We were short almost the entire second period. and I've never seen some1 get called for 2 minors and get a game misconduct for it either. Still, if that's the way it's going to be called, you need to adjust your game and focus on discipline and they didn't do that at all. And another no show from the defense and both goalies is disheartening as well. But on the plus side, it doesn't matter if you lose by a goal or 10 goals, losing is losing, and we're still up3-1.

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