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Irate Irene


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yeah, she is only getting stronger right now

the barrier islands are going to get pounded


Cape Hatteras is looking at 48 hours of rain, 8-10 inches, for comparison that's about 60 inches of snow.

winds 70-100 mph

they will be a different place in 3 weeks but yeah, i don't think it'll be mad max or anything





now for the fun in NYC



New York City officials say they're preparing for the total shutdown of the nation's largest mass transit system.


Mayor Michael Bloomberg says officials expect to shut down the city's entire transit system at some point Saturday afternoon ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Irene, which is now forecasted to strike eastern Queens. He says service likely won't be available again until sometime Monday or perhaps later.


Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman Jay Walder says that the system can't be safely operated with sustained winds of 39 mph or more. He says it will take at least eight hours to move all MTA equipment from low-lying storage areas and secure trains in protected areas, including in the system's underground tunnels.

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The threat level is "EXTREME" along the East Coast from eastern North Carolina to southern New England.


Irene is a hurricane that poses an extraordinary threat and is one that no one has yet experienced in North Carolina to the mid-Atlantic to the Northeast and New England.


This includes Norfolk, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, Hartford, and Boston. This hurricane has the potential to produce flooding rains, high winds, downed trees (on houses, cars, power lines) and widespread power outages. Significant impacts along the immediate coast include high waves, surge and beach erosion.

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Yeah, if this has any effect on my vacation in north cackalacky I am not going to be happy..

Hope 3 weeks is enough time to clean up..


just got back last sunday from two great (and lucky) weeks in frisco, nc (obx).

if you're staying north of Cape Hatteras Nat'l Seashore, you may be okay. If it's bad, i'd expect not much to be cleaned up anywhere south of Oregon Inlet when highway 12 becomes two lanes, and the island gets skinnier. Good luck though.

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in florida the locals are used to it.. the news likes to hype it up alot... it slams us .. power goes out .. flooding.. downed trees everywhere.. roofs get ripped off.. yada yada ... money gets you nothing after a few days (plus if you got money its gonna be expensive for whatever you want) its all about the barter system ... gas food and water after 4-5 days that's all that matters.. (but if there is still no power in your area the gas stations don't work so you cant have gas and wherever there is .. expect to wait in line for half the day to get whatever the limit is per person which is around 3-5 gallons) ..thats when you gotta start taking it from cars and keeping watch for people trying to buck you..some don't get power for weeks or months... police are working double shifts and so much going on its pretty slack ..(shit gets crazy)


lots of drinking and bbqs .. robberies are common.. after the first week or two depending on how bad shit got fucked up then the law starts cracking down... really it turns into something like the wild west down here

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im in wilmington nc, its been raining since about 10am but not that heavy.

probably lose power, a few roads will flood, and there will be tons of canoes and kayaks strewn about.

wrightsville beach might get fucked up a bit, but the city will most definitely be operational.


oh and a bunch of felled trees and whatnot



edit* yes hurricane party. every neighborhood is having one because people dont want to drive in the rain :lol:

editedit* cape Hatteras is fucked, and obx is probably screwed too.

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