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Draw the username above you

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I'm sure the majority of you came up with your name because you liked how the letters flow. if not, then you just found a word that you enjoyed writing, the name was given to you, etc.


Anyway, lets to something different. Instead of drawing the letters/word you're accustomed to, draw something else; draw the user name above you or draw the username that made the last post (since you last viewed this thread).



  1. Don't talk shit.
  2. It's okay if your work looks to be "bitten" from someone else. You have to start somewhere.
  3. Don't be intimidated by other drawings.
  4. Think outside the box aka experiment.
  5. A nigga has a fucking sentence as a handle? It's cool, bro. Chop it down, make acronyms, look at Rule #4, etc.
  6. It is up to you whether you want to add color or not. In addition to this, it doesn't matter if it's a throw or a piece.
  7. If you're going to quote an image, please remove the ertert.jpg


    I ran out of room so I had to draw the D in. Ha.


    I look forward to seeing your S to W transition. ^__^

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cool idea, just did a quick Swif1, now my name will kill the thread haha if you want shorten it to Decy




maybe we should say otherwise you are gonna get loads of people posting the same name. I like the SW not sure of the IF, seem like 2 different pieces

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Damn, y'all niggas killed it. I wish my crap is elaborate. Haha Then again, I haven't drawn anything for a few years.


I was about to post my sketch of Spawn-of-sham, but I spilled water all over it during lunch. It's drying now though. "Pawn" is what I decided to doodle.


As for Decyferon, I'm thinking "yfer" since I hate drawing Y's.


I'll edit this post with pics later today since I'm still at work.





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Fuck that shit. I gave up on the R.




This proved to be more difficult than I had originally anticipated. My apologies to all. I'm at work still. Shh.... :]

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