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This might not be the right section of the web site to post this thread, if not feel free to move it. but i figure this is where it will get the most play, from reliable sources..instead of some youngsters trying to order from mom and dads credit cards.




i have placed around 5 orders from bombing science in the past year, for painting jobs. i have emailed these guys and get some automated response. my orders haven't ever gone through! i get one email that tells me the order is being processed. then 6 hours later, get another that says something went wrong. i have changed my address with my bank, made sure there are no restrictions on my account. of course wouldn't order the paint w/o the $ in the account.


so my dude ordered a good amount from them like 2 weeks ago, order came in just fine. so i got another job lined up, gave him the cash...and made an order through his card this time. IT DIDN'T GO THROUGH AGAIN!! i don't know if i have terrible luck with these guys...orrr what the fuggin deal is. but i want to get my paint through them bc its the cheapest and they have a good amount of colors for the ol ironwak.


someone help...please.

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i would really like to get MTN hardcore. thats my fav expensive paint, but i dont know a website with a good selection of their colors...


i know this shouldnt be so hard..but for some reason ive had some serious issues dealing with orders of paint

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A while back when they where doing a free shipping promo I scooped up a bunch of Molotow, but when the order showed up about half of it was Ironwak. and there was a note in the box saying something to the effect of "we up-graded you to Molotow because we ran out of the Ironwak colors you ordered" I was umad, went round and round with em on the phone and thru e-mail. Nothing ever came of it, and I will never order from them again.


Oink, (cheap shipping and James ALWAYS throws extra shit in the box), 33third, (huge selection of MTN hardcore), and 004 connect (free shipping on orders over $50).

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stole my cans as a youngster then i found a dollar store that had rustos for a dollar.

Just the other day i went to the hardware store to pick out some colors rusto cans were

5.20 for the stops rust. They had Painters Choice on sale for 2.50.


I cant really make it out to paint on stuff much but i like things coming in the mail.

Gives me something to look forward to. Eventually i will get freed up some and have

a few hundred cans to go play with. im always looking for a place with the best deals.

Has to be flat rate shipping.I was just on oink and all it seems you can order is that

new paint they came out with that i know nothing about and some 7 dollar german montana.

Fuck outta here

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