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Guest chicken bone

chicken bone choice of month january edition

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Guest chicken bone

ok i have nothing to do and i cant sleep. now i have a good idea though. every month i will steal a picture and give it the award of "choice of month" award. yay? sounds good?


i will cite the website i steal it from, and the artist.








Mac gets the award because this picture makes me feel different. It makes me think a little bit differently some how, i guess the only way i could explain it would be the way that it imposes itself imprints itself in my mind with its mood. Its wispy and familiar and old. And nice. Its really fresh to me because its just a head. If you look at it from far away it reminds me of that one dude (Rockerfeller or something?) who painted during the 30s, 40s, 50s? She looks like she would fit into one of his paintings. Now shes all alone in a pool of black and shes frozen.

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