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The most fucked up thing you've ever seen

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The ukrainian video of those kids beating

the guy's face in with a hammer.


The other ukrainian video of the guy who

throws his dog off a bridge onto concrete and

it survives.


Still think about those videos randomly, and

continuously tell my ukrainian friend how sick

ukrainian's are.

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when i was about 15 my friends and i were doing late night graffiti related nonsense.

we saw a dude get thrown out of a car at an intersection.

dude had obviously been beaten quite badly.

we called an ambulance while standing in front of him as he lay there crying, screaming and writhing in pain.

worst part was when he was being strapped down to a gurney and started to try to flail away,

almost like he was scared to live s if those who did this to him would come back to finish the job...


pretty fucked.

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I saw a dude who got shot in the head, he was slunched over in a car off 95, my buddy pointed it out as we were passing then we saw it on the news later. I drove by another "shot in the head" scene on the way home from a bar too.


Fucked up thing? IRL

paramedics carrying my dead grandmas body down the stairs of my parents. Helping clean her up as she lay sick from cancer in the room that was once mine. She couldn't talk or move, I was like 13 asking her "do you want water grandma" when all she could do is moan from pain. My Mom is a nurse so instead of her die in a hospital she died in our house. Had a priest come in super late and pray over her (Irish Catholic)


the internet though, that's a whole different story of fucked up. I've desensitized myself to the point where nothing shocks me anymore. Unless it's animal abuse, that stuff I just refuse to watch.

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I also stumbled upon this guy (who I believe was dead) at like 3am



he was all bloody, when I took the picture the flash went off (thought it was on ISO)


all those people turned and started yelling, I just took off so I didn't even get the story, but I'm sure if they were yelling at me taking a picture, he was most likely dead.

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