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Rest in Peace Case 2


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Very sad my condolences to his mother she loved her Jeffry so much.


Im a 90s writer and cant speak on oldschool but I can tell you.. he never stopped, even in his older years.. walls freights cleans whatever ALWAYS DOWN


I Met Kase 2 in 98.. Me and my partner Xide went to the now extinct North NJ freight yard and seen a crew in the yard.. We crept up and it was Kase 2 along with Cavs Sien 5 and a couple other heads from the Bronx. We clicked and soon after I would be taking trips to the projects and sitting in his kitchen eating and drawing.







I had the PRIVILEGE of painting two clean trains with him. The first one we was in the also extinct Central NJTransit yard. Half way through our pieces a workbum popped out of the train, I slipped under the train and Kase just walked right passed him said hi like nothing happened. Ill tell you he had heart I couldnt convince him to leave.. Kase said, "let him do what he do and we do what we do".. so I climbed up on a bridge to look out while he continued painting. Eventually vehicles with workbums start rolling up and before you know it there were over a dozen of them on the other side of the train and Kase 2s legs are showing it was broad daylight. I figured I had to get him out. I go back in the yard and try to convince him to leave but he wouldnt budge. Fuck it I took a picture of him and we spent anothere half hour finishing our pieces with a dozen workers aware of what was going on and got over no problem. We basically had to walk out in the open in front of them to leave the yard




The second clean was at the vandal squad headquarters the 180th yard. Snuck through some private homes jumped a fence and walked the track... 10 minutes into our panels the doors open and a worker with a short afro pops his head out the window and says, "yo"... Kase keeps painting..again, "yo what are you doing?" At this point Kase 2 loses his temper, "maaan lissen do what you do we doing what we do" This time I was able to convince him to leave but only after he bashed the workbum questioning why he couldnt mind his business.. it was hilarious he called the workbum a mommas boy and a house negro.Let me remind you besides him having only 1 arm he also wore a plastic leg since his childhood so he wasnt a fast runner but we got over. Amazing that he had THE MOST STYLE and painting massive wholecars with these conditions...


Youll be missed Jeffrey I wish I would've went on more adventures with you. Kase was always down NO FEAR ...RIP


Klas Unico CTA... TFPs

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Word to that^^^ Just shows the true spirit of the guy.


I've never met him, Only heard and seen his work via Subway art, Style wars, back in the 80s. and the web in recent years.

Over the last 6 or more months I've been working a large canvas, of Case, in doing so I've researched so much about him, In a little way I felt I got to know him through this painting.

I felt that he was some what underrated a little, His style when doing that outline in style wars, and his pieces where so advanced, he was and still is A true Style general..

His disability's seemed to never effect him, Infact I think it fuelled him more to show others just what he could do.

The painting I've only just about completed, only to find out about his early and sudden death.

I don't think its the right time or place to post the painting, I'm just glad I've done it.

I'm just glad he gifted us all with his art.


Real sad news, a great a true master of his craft!!!



My thoughts are with his Family and friends...




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yo Klas - that story i MAAAAD funny. thanks so much for sharing it. I think even better than the fliks is reading the Case2 stories. Homie was super G code to the fullest extent. a very rare breed indeed. Even with his so called disability, he took 0 shorts. My own personal Case2 experience: Cavs Case2 SB1 (1998) runnin through middle america around c.2002


reading the Klas stories and knowing the night i painted with him it is clear that dude was an angel, like noone could even fuck with you when you were with Case2 - shits crazy..


anyone with Case2 stories please share them - im betting they are pure, genuine and funny as fuck.


Long Live The King Of Style

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