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Fuck it, right?

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Im expecting strait shit talking.. but it wouldnt be oontz without it.




So yesterday my pregnant girl just walked out on me, no clue where she is. whatever, im sure shes at her parents. couple days ago i wrecked my car. not bad just ran over a curb and dinted both driver side wheels. dont have the money to fix that shit right now




Last week my 2 best friends got sentenced to 5 years for "possesion of a fire arm in commission of a felony". the only dudes i really chill with.. called my buddy, thats locked up, girl to come kick it, only for her to tell me she needed to get away.. later to find out she dropped her kids at her moms and left with some dope head. and now shes snorting dope and shit.


just found myself on a 2 hour long walk, talking to myself.


been contemplating catching out, i know that wont solve shit but whatever.


oontz it up.


drowning my sorrows right nao.

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I think you came out of this the best.


Friendless yes. Sorry your friends did what seemed right and the dude got the law involved. You're not going to court, or jail, though.


Your lady may want some time off 'cause all of this happened to you so suddenly. If all that happened to me i wouldnt be a fun person to be around. I doubt you are either. Not that being unpleasant excuses her for leaving for no reason but she's probably expecting you to straighten stuff out then she'll come back. Just an estimation, an optimistic one at that.


Cars will be cars and expensive and shit. Do the right thing, save some $$, fix it, try not to do it again. Nothing about car repairs is fun.


Shallow as this is you're also not the one who has children with dopehead girl. So ... that situation still sucks but it in the end won't ever have much bearing on you. Don't let that get to you, you have enough going on as is.


Support your friends in this time instead of worrying about the girl. especially if your friends are facing those super cool weapons charges, they may go away for awhile. Spend time with them, forget her.


When i have a shit ton on my mind it helps to break it down into smaller parts and go one step at a time with each issue.


good luck

alcohol dont solve it neither.

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normally my response to this type of stress is, "go write on stuff" but with your recent stretch of luck, maybe you shouldnt be doing stupid things you can get locked up for... especially if your drunk.


Also, if YOU have a kid on the way, drastic measures are out man, dont even entertain that thought. Call up shorty, tell her you need to get your head right, and try to figure stuff out one step at a time like INJURY said.



Dont worry about your homeys chick either, its fucked up, but to be honest... you seem like you have enough on your own plate to worry about.



In conclusion:



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