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5 fingas of death


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all you fools bumpin your own shit is killin brickslayers. no one wants to see your self promotion bullshit. go flick other work, not just your own. its not just this thread, its almost every thread. it sucks having to go through a dozen pages looking for some shit worth looking at.



end rant i don't give a fuck about anyone elses opinion.

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Cunt and why put in more work then you will your whole life, niggas are OG and they will still burn you:D Bump that QL set..



haha dick ridin ass nigga lame ass bitch yo bore bump for speakin the truth but you forgot to say the whole ql fag squad sucks niggas mad cause they aint known YO EVERYONE BUMP IF YOUVE NEVER SEEN A QL TAG EVER!!!!!!

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and bump going to another city and name droppin like you know people-when you were very adament against having those affiliations. hahaha



















































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