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************************ hella sikk tattz thread?

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got a probably frequently asked question, but how long will a tattoo last on your palm/sole of your foot? was looking at some guy le tatooer work and i cant imagine hes cheap or can be easily booked, so why the fuck would you get him to do something on the sole of your foot?

if you go extra deep does it last longer or something?


i told some hipster dipshit it wouldnt last. she wasnt hearing it and insisted she wanted a tattoo on the bottom of her foot. i enjoyed every second of torture she went through for nothing.

not so secret sadist.


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i told some hipster dipshit it wouldnt last. she wasnt hearing it and insisted she wanted a tattoo on the bottom of her foot. i enjoyed every second of torture she went through for nothing.

not so secret sadist.



cool story bro.


i have no problem making all that shit last. maybe I'm a wizard or something though.

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just because something CAN be done, doesn't mean it should be.



oh i wouldnt want anything on my pads. maybe the bottom of my fingers, but i doubt it. i was just perplexed as to why people with nothing on their arms or legs would get guy to do a piece on the bottom of their fucking foot.

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why do you have to figure it out?

its fucking bob roberts, let that motherfucker figure it out.


I'm not about to pull a "Just do whatever you want, bro!" on Bob Roberts. Who likes that? No one, right?


I meant that I have to figure out what I'm getting from his canon of awesome shit. Skull spider, straight up black widow, front-facing panther or tiger head. I'd fucking love one of his eagles, but the open spots I have are a little small to do one justice.


Fuck it. Maybe I'll have him do a paragraph of text on my ribs. Those tigers I have suck anyway.

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I hate to stir up shit, but theres a theif out there who really needs calling out..





Sue Jeiven of East River Tattoo in Brooklyn is blatantly stealing other tattooers work & trying to pass it off as her own.. The first photo was stolen from Jon Larson. Designs from Adam Shrewsberry & Robert Ryan have been taken. This hoe even ripped off KOH... which is why i feel the need to post this here & encourage all of my fellow oontzers to call this shop and harass this theif bitch.



East River Tattoo


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were the images stolen from tattoos, or from flash?


as sheisty as it might be, once you put out a set of flash you're opening yourself up for being copied.

not that i agree, just saying its gonna happen.


I usually lurk in here, but this seems to be an interesting topic of discussion. To copy or use work in an UNCHANGED state is obviously not acceptable in any artistic medium, however that being said, to APPROPRIATE a design, which implies that concepts or imagery has been ADOPTED and represented in a changed and original state seems to be fairly commonplace - especially amongst tattoo culture and history. I have seen COUNTLESS designs redone and revamped by different artists OVER AND OVER, which draws upon the whole TRADITION of tattooing. The real challenge is to represent a historic concept or design in a RESPECTFULLY NEW and ORIGINAL style while maintaining consistency with tradition.


ANYWAYS, if you've got a half a brain about you it shouldn't be too hard to tell a crappy knock off from an original.


meh, my two cents.

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In a case such as this where the person can't even make a simple clean design she is clearly tracing shit off the net and trying to make her name on it. The owl of mine that she used isn't flash. It was a tattoo that I did on one of this forum's members as a matter of fact. The other stuff of mine that was used was from one painting that I made for another tattooer that while in flash form, was a one shot painting. No prints. So she traced it and added it to her sheets. These are all in a book that she was selling in Philly. Making her name off designs that obviously aren't hers.


Tattooing DOES have a history of reinterpretation and appropriation, but there are lines. When I design flash for sale I don't care who tattoos it as long as it was bought from me and you aren't telling anyone that you drew it up. When it hangs in your shop or sits in your flash racks or book, my name is still on it. No problems at all. Go for it.


When you use it instead of drawing something because you're lazy and then tell someone it's yours that's bullshit. Also, when people are tracing tattoos right off the net and passing them off to the unaware masses as their "clever" designs it's bullshit.


And I completely understand, once you put it out there, it's liable to get lifted, but does that mean that opinions on such behavior can't be voiced and standards shouldn't be set against such behavior?

Absolutely not. People need to say shit to suckers. Tattooers seem to forget that yeah there.s a big tradition of lifting designs and whatnot, but there's also a tradition of protecting what's yours. Either by booby trapping it, making sure your name is ALWAYS attached to it, or by keeping it off radar. In this economy I'd love to be the off the radar guy. Just can't make it work, and if I'm spending the amount of time drawing, researching, reading, collection references, and building a stylistic vocabulary that is at least a little my own, then yes, I should be protective of it.


There's also the thing where tracing, and repainting flash by long gone, or otherwise retired old timers is different than repainting and then SELLING under your own name a bunch of shit being done by today's current people.


Shit's gonna happen, people are lazy, everyone LOVES to say there's nothing new under the sun, but it doesn't make it right or true. Chick is a thief. Ain't nothing on those sheets hers and a huge amount is from current people tattoos. Not even flash. She was at our booth in Philly this weekend. She didn't even buy my set after selling her book with my shit in it.

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