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************************ hella sikk tattz thread?

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believe it or not i won this tattoo back before covid happened.. won a contest on instagram just by reposting a picture and during service one day got tagged in a post and boom.. small world because h

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got this done a couple days ago... flicks aren't too great.

Sean McQueary at Queen City Tattoo in Dallas.







ignore the big glob of ink toward my elbow...it's suppose to be another lightning bolt but i didn't clean up the excess very well.


wow. that thing is a piece of shit. bummer dude. :(

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I'm just saying the dude who tattooed it sucked.

the drawing is shit, the application is shit.

its just not a good tattoo.

i'd suggest calling it a learning experience and finding someone else to do your work in the future.

not trying to bum you out, trying to help you from being covered by that guy.

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hey seeking... give me some advice about apprenticing because apparently the shop wants me to work for them based on the artwork i've shown them. what should i expect and how much shit should i take... be real with me. i know you're legit as an artist which means i respect your art and opinion. but i need to know what i'm getting myself into... i start tomorrow. seriously... i don't need fools stepping over me or wasting my time. i'm not a free maid or someone's bitch. tell me what the deal is...please.

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I don't think that's gonna happen^^ For one if you're apprenticing you should totally plan on being several peoples bitch. For a while. And if you have the attitude like you're not gonna take any shit, it probably won't last.


Were getting a shop spotlight in tattoo mag. Im trying to convince everyone we should do our group photo naked.


Here's hopin'

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to be honest, my only gripe is that it wasn't bigger. not sure why dude would do a free chest piece and not just fucking go for it. change the angle of the wings a tiny bit and you could have blown it up another 25%. completely take up your whole chest. you did alright though. its not perfect but its good enough. congrats.



if the dude who shit all over you liked your artwork enough to give you an apprenticeship right on the spot, without you even being sure if you wanted to tattoo or not, i can't even begin to list all the other shit that is going to be wrong with that situation. all i can hope for is that anyone reading this in texas sees that picture and knows to stay the fuck away from that shop, as clearly quality control is non existent. an apprenticeship is not 'being someones bitch' its proving that you deserve an opportunity to tattoo. you obviously do not deserve that opportunity.

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groyn, whoever did that tattoo should NOT be apprenticing anyone and is probably blowing smoke up your ass to get a free employee/shop bitch to clean toilets and do all the front of the house crap.


If you want to tattoo seek out a better mentor and learn it right the first time.

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