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************************ hella sikk tattz thread?

Fist 666

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did you get to see see Matt in SF walking around in only boxer shorts. it is pretty god damn amazing to see all of those awesome Cripwell tattoos on one body. that is one smart mother fucker right there.


I saw him while I was getting my tattoos from Colella. Damn awesome indeed.

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So my buddy was tellin me his zapper was lookin to beef up his portfolio. The main clinetele coming through the shop he works in are looking for "their tattoo". So because of that and after talking to me he is going to hook it up big.




Chest blaster for free. I go in Sunday for as much as he can get done after hours. I'm lookin forward to this shit so much.

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since I'm not friends i can't see them.

if dude doesn't have a shop website or a personal website i'm double skeptical.

you really need to find a way to show these pics before you potentially wind up with a giant turd goblin on your chest.


i get that you're getting a hook up cause you're friends with his friends, but speaking from experience.... people do this when they're trying to build their portfolio, which means they don't have anything good in it. I'm tattooing a broad this month for free. decent sized piece. probably an $800 tattoo. however she's a friend and its a custom drawing of my own. id never do a free chest piece on a friend of a friend for free. if i needed the pic that bad, theres probably a reason why.


not trying to hate, maybe dude is nice I'm just trying to help you out.

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do you get them from friends of friends? are they chest pieces? are you deliberately trying to antagonize me, even though you know what i'm saying is right the vast majority of the time?



for some reason the pics work now.

they're not bad for the most part. the one eagle is pretty rough, but the rest are ok.

fuck it, go for it. make sure to tip him. well.

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