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************************ hella sikk tattz thread?

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believe it or not i won this tattoo back before covid happened.. won a contest on instagram just by reposting a picture and during service one day got tagged in a post and boom.. small world because h

Some Canadian tat slangers to get this thread going again   Chris Hold     Aaron Garand     Benny Hannya     Franz Stefanik

Aaaaaaaand more   Logan Morrison     Tim Pausinger     Spencer Evans     Nick Oaks     Kurt Von Getz

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Menace dropped his pants for me today. PROPS.


Also saw the bols HK Wood and Kang of Hay-ull. Good folkers, all around.


TooBrokeOner, or I'd have gotten zapped.






and you didn't even get to see the other side after Desa got to it the next day.


very much agreed Koh, good rapping HK, Drips gets mega real life props for taking us on a tattoo collection tour and saw Boodah getting worked before bailing.



god damn good wknd. but the CA health dept. better get their shit str8 or this show is gonna suffer severley next time around. some pissed off folks to say the least.


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You must spread rep before giving to brewster again.


And thanks, Dun.




Has anyone here called in sick to work to get a tattoo and then been reprimanded in some way/fired? I called in sick on Sunday to get work from KOH and la hefe cut my hours. Worth it.

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I remember a while back booking time off and neglecting the "healing" time.

I went to work the next day after a 5 hour sit and plasma'd all over my work shirt, it was gross.

The boss sent me home and gave me an extra day off.


Lol I also remember getting my wrists tattooed and wearing the bandages to work the next day, everyone was " are you okay?" thinking I spent the night in ER trying to slice myself.

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