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************************ hella sikk tattz thread?

Fist 666

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On 2/27/2022 at 7:54 AM, One Man Banned said:

Glad this thread was bumped, was looking and laughing at some of these last night




Most of this appears correctly translated but for your amusement... to my understanding the 2nd one may actually translate to massive diarrhea.  Also emperor's clerk= eunuch.  Bottom middle is written wrong so it reads more like bad child boy.  I imagine @Hua Guofangmight be amused, feel free to correct me on translation.





or bathroom devil?



Reminds me again how I was hanging with these 2 girls and one of them had a tattoo in Chinese that they thought said wild flower.  Problem is the 2 words written together in Chinese is the word for a slut.  I could not tell the one girl that.  I was friends with the other girl so I told her and she replied that seems about right lol.



had no idea you knew Chinese. Legit!

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11 minutes ago, Deine Mudder said:


depends on what you're gettin'


what are ya gettin' ?


Haven't actually worked that out yet.  Going to ask the artist if he has any Japanese beasts or ghosts he's been hankering to do and see what he comes up with. 

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