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I want to frame a couple of tshirts, not like a jersey but just the graphic part of the shirt. I don't want to cut or alter the shirt. Does anybody know how much this would run me? Also is there a prefab frame I can purchase kinda like record frames.

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Well, to have it done right at my place, it would run you between $150-$250 or so depending on what you pick out.


The lower end would be just the shirt pulled taunt around the edges of the backing board, right to the edge of the frame.


The higher end pricing would include some matting etc.


As for a pre-fab...Not so much for the look you're going for. They make ones that show the whole shirt (Like a jersey). Those are called shadowboxes.


If you want to get real crafty, you could get a 17x17 pre-fab regular frame and stretch your shirt around an equal sized piece of foamcore board and try popping it in there.

(With the sleeves and bottom bulk of the shirt tucked and taped/sewn around the backside. If you use tape, make sure it's ACID-FREE or else it will degrade and stain your shirt. Overall, sewing is the professional option. Tape is a home-brew, last-ditch-effort type thing.)


The only problem with that is, the shirt will pressed right up to the glass, and you don't want that if it's signed/collectible.


With that being said as well, no matter which way you go, make sure to spend the extra couple bucks for uv-resistant glass.



Hope that helps. Feel free to ask more questions about it.

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damn, that's kinda steep. i might go with the hood 17x17 pre-fab. These t-shirts ain't signed nor are they collectibles. I just like the graphics on them (reas and futura).

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