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Apparently prison is cool now..

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Halden Prison - Norway





Halden Prison opened early in 2010 with a capacity of 252 prisoners. The prisoner cells include flat-screen televisions, which officials say are necessary so that prisoners have less room for drugs and contraband. Designer furniture, mini-fridges, and en suite bathrooms complete the prison cells.







Half of the guards are females, and guns are not usually carried because they create “unnecessary intimidation and social distance.” During the day, inmates can shoot hoops, climb the indoor rock wall, go jogging or make use of the soccer field. The philosophy behind this is that an occupied prisoner is less a violent prisoner, and thus is less likely to lash out at guards or other inmates.













so all of this is basically so no one gets hurt and so they dont go back to prison, but honestly i wouldnt mind killing a couple people so i can rock climb.



meanwhile, in america............

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Whilst I'm sure there'll be many tea party nutcases protesting the fact that brown people get to have fun I bet this prison will have less violence than other prisons and (if there are good education facilities) less reoffending from its prisoners..

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On July 18, 2000, 22 yr old Aurlieas McClarty walks into a store in Orange County Florida and guns down a store manager for a mere $200. McClarty is placed on the FBI 10 Most Wanted List. Despite being a wanted man, McClarty doesn't keep a low profile and soon becomes wanted for counterfeiting money in Florida, and bank robberies in Maryland. McClarty goes from state to state, defrauding banks, stores and women. All McClarty wants is money, cars, drugs and women, and does anything to get them. But none of these can protect him when a SWAT team breaks down his door, and arrest him.


simply amazing.........wonder if it really happen?



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you gotta put crime into perspective when you look at shit like this.

in norway in 2006 there were 25 murders.

in the US, there were 17,000.


norway population 5million

us population is 307 million


us murders per capita: 1 for every 18,000.

norway per capita 1 for every 200,000.


i don't care to look up the stats on the rest of violent crimes, but I'm sure it follows the same sorts of lines.


moral of the story is the whiter your country is, the less chance you have of being murdered.

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Man, Scandinavia is so far advanced as far as being civilized goes. They're what our civilization is supposed to be, instead of the fuck ups everywhere else in the world...

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Looks like a vacation.


This is the problem with America, they just don't care.Over in Europe there all about quality of living, and rehabilitating inmates.


I saw an episode on History about a jail in Australia, and the way they do things over there is much different.It seem to be working, by actually treating the inmates like humans instead of caged animals.

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