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Port Arthur Massacre Police footage

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Bryant passed by at least two people. Ahead of him were Nanette Mikac (Née Moulton) and her two young children, Madeline, 3, and Alannah, 6 years old.[10] Nanette was carrying Madeline and Alannah was running slightly ahead. By now they had run approximately 600 metres from the car park.[10] Bryant opened his door and slowed down. Mikac moved towards the car, apparently thinking he was offering them help in escaping. Several more people witnessed this from further down the road. Someone then recognised him as the gunman and yelled out "It's him!".[10] Bryant stepped out of the car, put his hand on Nanette Mikac's shoulder and told her to get on her knees.[10] She did so, saying, "Please don't hurt my babies".[10]

Bryant shot her in the temple, killing her, before firing a shot at Madeline, which hit her in the shoulder, before shooting her fatally through the chest.[10] Bryant shot twice at Alannah, as she ran behind the tree, missing.[10] He then walked up, pressed the barrel of the gun into her neck and fired, killing her instantly.



This shit made me sick

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Old schoolmate of mine was around there at the time with his mum when shit went down .. He only spoke about it once and he mentioned seeing the gunman but he would never talk about what he looked like or anything. The whole thing seems suspect as fuck though.

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So the guy takes 2 hostages, holes himself up in a guest house, has an 18 hour standoff with the police, sets the house on fire before eventually running out with his clothes on fire and people actually think it wasn't him who did it?


There are maybe 5 or 10 people in the world who think he didn't do it

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i was like "whatever" til i saw the little boy..that was kinda sad. some people are just ridiculous.


Why do people think it's so much sadder for a kid to be killed than an adult? Shit, I've been working hard my entire life to get where I am, a stupid little kid hasn't done shit yet.


It's way sadder to see a life's worth of hard work flushed down the toilet, than it is to see a life that hasn't accomplished anything other than being able to shit on their own and wipe their ass without any help.


Either way, where the fuck's parts 2, 3, and 4?

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