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Port Arthur Massacre Police footage

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"Port Arthur Massacre


There is reason to think the Port Arthur massacre was planned as early 1987 when, after a specially called Premier's meeting in Hobart in December 1987, the New South Wales Labour Premier, Mr. Barry Unsworth stated, "there would be no effective gun control in Australia until there was a massacre in Tasmania"


On Sunday, 28 April 1996, at a sleepy little tourist location known as Port Arthur, something went down that will long live in memory of Australia's collective psyche. An unknown professional combat shooter opened fire in the Broad Arrow Cafe at Port Arthur in Tasmania. In less than a minute 20 people lay dead, 19 of them killed with single shots to the head, fired from the right hip of the fast-moving shooter.


The awesome display of combat marksmanship was blamed on intellectually impaired Martin Bryant, who was held in illegal strict solitary confinement for more than 120 days, until he was "ready" to plead guilty. There was no trial. Within a matter of weeks legislation was passed to removed semi-automatic weapons from the Australian population and a gun buy-back proceeded. It is now illegal to own any semi-automatic gun in Australia.


The Port Arthur Massacre has come to be known in conspiracy circles as a "psyop". The definition of a psyop is a psychological operation or an event designed to drum up public support for some piece of legislation that would be otherwise be unpopular and probably be defeated.


It is one of the signs of a propaganda campaign when the media continuously plays up scenes that are designed to appeal to gut level instincts to soften people up for the solution to be offered.


The media were totally oriented around sensationalising the distress and trauma, played the scenes over and over, always cutting to updates on any developments and in effect the public were bombarded continuously day in and day out for weeks over the issue. At the same time a long list of facts or discrepancies were overlooked. Any calls for a royal commission fell on deaf ears, the media were later instructed not to talk about the subject anymore and the files have been closed for 30 years.


The Port Arthur massacre occurred on 28 April there was legislation prepared by mid May with plans for a national buyback of automatic and semi-automatic rifles.

Prior to 1996 Australia had huge number of sporting shooters traditionally used in time of war to both train and supplement our miniscule armed forces.


However, since the psyop at Port Arthur more than 400,000 reserve firearms have been pulped instead of stored by the Federal Government. - Joe Vialls


Unexplained discrepancies


1) Whoever was on the trigger that fateful day demonstrated professional skills equal to some of the best special forces shooters in the world. His critical error lay in killing too many people too quickly while injuring far too few, thereby exposing himself for what he was: a highly trained combat shooter probably ranked among the top 20 such specialists in the western world.


2) There was lack of forensic evidence at Port Arthur. There were no tests to matched Martin Bryant's guns and no fingerprint comparisons from the Broad Arrow Cafe.


3) Both the guns Martin Bryant supposedly used were damaged to the point where forensic tests to match cartridges to guns weren't possible. The damage to the guns could have occurred in either of two ways:


1. A cartridge blowing up in the breach which would mean the user would have a damaged hand which Martin Bryant didn't have.


2. Deliberate use of explosives remotely detonated, which is a trick learned by special forces to avoid make positive identification impossible. This must have been done somewhere other than where the guns were found at Seascape because, despite a thorough search of the area, some gun parts were never found. The guns shown to media were a reconstructed version with missing pieces supplied from police weapons archives, a fact which was never mentioned in the mass media.


4) No legally valid eye witnesses to the massacre. Out of the few survivors of the massacre who were able to identify the shooter, non were called on to identify Martin Bryant as the shooter. It was explained that these people had been put through enough trauma and their evidence would not be required.


5) Martin Bryant was left handed, the shooter was right handed.


6) Police decoyed away from scene just before shooting began on a "first time in history since records began" hoaxed call to pick up some heroin which turned out to be soap power.


7) Descriptions of the shooter didn't match. Eye witnesses to the shooting describe the shooter as being around 20 with golden blonde hair a few inches below his shoulders which was straight, with rat tails and a heavily pock-marked face. Martin Bryant was 29, had whitish blonde, slightly curly hair which was just above shoulder length and a clear complexion.


8) Martin Bryant had an IQ of 66 (average IQ 90-110), making it hard to believe that he could have planned and executed the massacre with any degree of efficiency.


9) A refrigerated hearse large enough to hold 22 people was bought before the operation which was considered strange. After the massacre it was disposed of.


10) Martin Bryant underwent trial by media, assumed guilty, human rights abused.


11) Is it significant that no Jews nor Freemacs nor Politicians and their relatives 'were amongst the deads'?


12) Faked "first time ever" video showed overcast sky when the actual massacre happened when the sky was clear. To this day efforts are still being made to prevent anybody getting a photo of Martin Bryant to compare with the video.


13) The very fact that his back was on fire when he exited Seascape Cottage, and the fact that he came out unarmed, and that he said "Don't shoot, I am the hostage", should have received immense scrutiny.


14) ASIO were on the scene too quickly making it look like they had fore knowledge. How soon was ASIO on the scene after the incident? What is meant by 'ASIO screened out some people'?


) What Hobart logs of departure were falsified? enroute Melbourne CTR logs, Bankstown secondary arrival log falsified? Various airport departure and arrival logs were falsified which points to a well co-ordinated escape strategy for the actual shooter and his accomplice.


16) 30 year embargo on evidence




1-----Nazi Germany established gun control in 1938 enabling the government to round up 13 million defenceless Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, mentally ill and impaired human beings, imprisoning them in concentration camps, and by a conscious process of attrition, destroyed them.


2-----The Turkish Ottoman Empire established gun control in 1911, proceeding then to exterminate 1.5 million Armenians from 1914 - 1917.


3-----The Soviet Union established gun control in 1929. Subsequently from 1928 - 1953, 60 million dissidents were imprisoned and then exterminated.


4-----China. Gun control laws were enacted in 1935. Between 1948 - 1952, 20 million Chinese, unable to defend themselves, were likewise murdered.


5-----In the United States the first gun control laws were enacted during the Civil War era to prevent guns from falling into the hands of black slaves who might be inclined to attack their masters and thereby keeping control in the hands of the latter.


6-----Guatemala. Gun control laws were passed in 1964: as a result, between 1964 - 1981, 100,000 defenceless Mayan Indians met their deaths.


7-----Uganda. Established gun control measures in 1970. Predictably, from 1971 - 1979, 300,000 defenceless Christians met a similar fate.


8-----Cambodia. Established gun control measures in 1956, subsequently from 1957 - 1977 one million Cambodians met their deaths.


9-----Closer to home, Indonesia, another Republic, has a similar record. Out of a population of just one million people in East Timor, 200,000 have been killed over the past twenty years until the recent bloodshed when it still unknown how many thousands more have been murdered. Being promised freedom these brave people elected to vote in a referendum during which the United Nations guaranteed their safety and still they died unarmed and defenceless."



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looks like footage from that faces of death series. i remember you could rent those at the spot a few miles from my house on VHS back in the day. slipped a few in when grandma would take us as kids

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"Port Arthur Massacre


In less than a minute 20 people lay dead, 19 of them killed with single shots to the head, fired from the right hip of the fast-moving shooter.




19 accurately placed shots to the head piece. Fired from the hip huh. Not even Jason Bourne is going to pull that off. I've read about this event a few times before and the whole thing wreaks of lies and deception. I never noticed this 'fired from the hip' BS before.


Unless he was walking through the Cafe amidst the victims I don't see that happening. Or even possible. And if he was walking right through the middle of the joint, why do all of the deceased look like they died and never saw what was coming to them? None of them really look like they made any struggle to take cover or scramble. Which is pretty much natural instinct when heads start exploding over the unmistakable report of gunshots. Or when some dude strolls through your section with a mother fucking long- rifle.

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The hip shooting is pretty well covered by most articles, he was walking through the cafe shooting them at close range. Some direct head shots and some through the back of necks, etc... I'm pretty sure most of the head shots were from only a few meters at the max.


Haven't seen much about this in years, I do know that my pop was mad pissed when they were buying back all the guns from people afterwards.

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Interesting. That's is fucking impressive then. Firing a rifle in close quarter conditions as such, from the hip, is still not an easy task. Especially if there are wiley civilians who don't feel like dying.


Any articles I missed that state exactly what caliber the rounds were, or what kind of rifle he was supposedly using? I bet dude caught each spent casing as it ejected. That's what Jason Bourne would a did.

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