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Photography experiments

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very cool stuff, Qsysue!


Those caffenol shots I posted were done with a Busch Pressman D 4x5 w/ a old 127mm f/4.7 Kodak Ektar lens. If any want to get into large format photography on the cheap and wants more control than a pinhole used press cameras are the way to go. I've gone through half a dozen 4x5s until it sunk in to use cheaper cameras with decent lenses.


This isn't mine, I just grabbed this pic off google. Mine looks pretty much the same though:


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One of the photogs here posted a pic on his Flickr account that inspired me to try this next experiment. He was using some film that had been pre-exposed to colored light to create color shifts. Some college students in Europe are selling it and it's pretty pricey. I immediately had to try creating it on my own.


I was limited on what I could use (couldn't go to the store) so I had to get creative. I took a cd spindle cover and painted it dark green with craft paint--took a couple coats:




I cut out a bit of the side so I could fit it over the bare bulb in my bathroom. Then I laid the strip of film out flat on my bathroom sink, turned the light on for about 1 second, then respooled it into a film cannister.


I took double shots of each picture, one at 100 ISO (which is what the film was) and one at 200, to compensate for the pre-exposure. Most of the shots at 200 came out better, but the 100 ISO shots are still OK.


Of course it would have been better to use non-expired film. Next time! Also I think I'll just try to get some colored bulbs when I do this again. Except they're going to be too bright for me to just expose the film by flipping a light switch. Hmm.


Results (shot with an Olympus XA):








Interesting that the color shift is blue, huh? That paint must have mostly blue in it.

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That's crazy. Seems like you could do it with something a little less fragile than an egg!


Yea..pretty sure a bunch of stuff could work. Im probably too lazy to ever attempt this though.


Also..this is cool:




More shots here:



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I'm always putting the wrong film in cameras. I have a lot of cute little 127 cameras, and I'll often try 35mm film in them. (Or I did until I got my hands on some bulk rolls of 40mm film, which is the same size as 127.)


But here's an example. The camera I used:










I think the light leaks are from me not taping up the frame number window well enough.


I actually really like these results, I need to use this camera some more.

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When my Holga shutter died, I turned the camera into a pinhole. The pinhole is one that came with a Gakken plastic assemble-it-yourself camera that my brother sent me from Taiwan. The camera has trouble winding the film so I never use it.


I first tested it out with 35mm film (faceless me):




Then tried some 120. It has a really sharp vignette.


Me playing a videogame (several minute exposure):




On some rails (light leak along the top I later fixed):




Haven't used it in awhile, I should do so.

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I liked the idea of the overlap and swap. I think that some really well thought out combos could really work well especially with the incorporation of different design choices. wish I had the time to do photography, but i barely have time for everything else

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I've recently started developing color film at home--and slide film too. It's really fun. I just want to shoot slide all the time now. I finally got to do something I've always wanted to but didn't want to shell out the dough for--I cross-processed C41 film in E6 chemicals. Some results:









The film was Fuji NPC 160 shot in a Canon AE-1 Program. Chemicals were an Arista kit.

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i uploaded those with my phone and i hate typing on it!

this was my set up for the middle two shots


it took a while to figure out the shutter speed and also focusing was a little tricky.

for the first one i just used some food colouring and water and took lots of photos and that was the best looking splash i thought.

For the last one i was actually planning to roll the tangerine through water and capture that but it wasn't working out so i filled a metal tray with a little bit of water and just dropped it. i just find it fascinating to capture water in motion!

I love this thread, some really interesting things, and sorry for the big pictures!

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Here is one of the caffenol negatives I posted after scanning..

Some minor fog and a bit over exposed. Shouldn't have been shooting directly into the sun.


Noticed that with the caffenol it is EXTREMELY delicate to developing time. I changed my time from 8min @ 70 degrees to 7min and it made a nice difference in how dense the negatives were.


<a href=http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8002/7651277122_cc9f13af5d.jpg' alt='7651277122_cc9f13af5d.jpg'> WestendSmokeStack1 copy by Negative_Coffee, on Flickr[/img]

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I haven't had much time lately for film experiments, but I'm moving to southern Utah soon, and I figure I'll be so bored I'll start doing some again. I'm planning to try some dry plate photography, and I'll probably do it in my Holga or my pinhole. Anyone tried it? Should be fun.

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