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Food Poisoning......fuck that shit


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So I've had mild cases,or a touch of before. Until this weekend.......I started to feel dizzy and bloated.I had been in the sun all day,an at a bbq and wasn't stressing cause my dude was in town and were out catching wreck.


4 am and I walk into the house and alllllll hell breaks loose. I've only puked once in 11 or 12 years, so I started puking my guts out and shitting, from 4am until 11 last night I was on defcon 4.My fever was over 100 and I couldn't even move unless it was time for some toilet action.





Shitty thing is,I might have picked this up from drinking from a garden hose........I've heard horror stories about it and refuse to drink from out door taps or hoses.I had a homie get ecoli and almost die from it.





Share your fp stories

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I got it from chicken wings one time. Severely..


I couldn't even drink water without throwing up. I believe I went two days without eating until my feces was a greyish yellow from only digesting the bile..So gross.


I still eat chicken wings from time to time, but nowhere near what I used to, and never from the same place that made me sick...As a matter of fact, I don't think I've ever eaten anything from there again...

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i got it real bad in afghanistan. i made a 'i shit my pants' thread that i can't find now.


i had extreme diarrhea for nearly 3 days, got super dehydrated, towards the end i got an IV and took 2500 mL of fluid. shit was rough. don't eat fruit or vegetables in afghanistan.

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made nachos with some tainted meat and drank two cokes with it. went over to my friends house and as i was waiting for him to get ready to go I said i'll be right back my stomach hurts, went and lied down on his front lawn face down, with my head in the ditch and puked harder and faster than I've ever before. felt 100% once it was out of me. throwing up coke is the worst thing I've ever done. comes out like a big black tarry mess.


I was like this but not moving at all just letting it cover the ditch


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all the shitty stories make me laugh


i will bump the nohetero thread from years ago.



i went to KC to visit a friend and she used to get bread from the local church for free

we ate some

later we went to a restaurant and i had some salad, dressing on the side

the dressing was really warm, almost hot.. i nearly didn't put it on the salad but thought meh fuggit and did anyway.


....she thought it was the bread. i think it was the dressing



but i spent most of that night in the bathroom after waking up around 3 with Alien eating my guts out

those who know, know.

blood, sweat and fuckin tears baby.

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Ramen cart in Hong Kong, shit was delicious. Usually I have a high tolerance for sketchy street food, lead lined guts ya know? But about 45 minutes after I ate started to get the puke sweats and the spins. I was in a taxi w/ 3 of my homies and I had to climb over dude to get my head out of the window. Cabbie kicked us out and I had to run to a public shitter, found one in a train station, but it was a squatter not a sitter. I ended up shitting on my drawers, my pantes and my shoes. I had some shorts and flip-flops in my back pack so I wasn't to assed out. The homies hailed another cab and we headed on to the hotel. I spent a day and a half of my 4 days in Hong Kong in my hotel room spewing fluids from both ends. Good times

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last time i had food poisoning was this past winter. on my lunch break i went to this grocery store for just that and i hit up the salad bar for lunch.. after eating my salad i dont think it took more than 30 minutes to start creeping on me. immediately destroyed the bathroom and then threw up. I went home early and had to puke in a bag while i was driving. the feeling of death didnt end until the next afternoon... on some 24 hour sickness. i have not returned to that spot.

shitting and throwing up at the same time sucks..

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Worst case of FP/Stomach type flu I ever had was coming back from West L.A. on the 10 when I lived in Korea Town. I couldn't even make it home and started throwing up in my car and on the street. On Vermont near Pico for all my residents. When I finally got home I left my car parked illegally in front of my building and couldn't even come back out to move it. I couldn't even make it across the hall to pay my rent. Finally got some help.. Moved the car and went back to heaving my soul out into the toilet. I should have gone to the ER cuz I couldn't even take care of myself. Then finally when I was able to move like three days later I had to clean the puke out of my car that had been fermenting in 80+ degree weather that whole time. It was fucking hell.

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went to a chinese buffet in the middle of nowhere in South Dakota. when we left we made it about 2 minutes down the road and i curled up into a fetal position and felt like dying. my friend driving looked at me and was like "dude you look like a junkie going through withdrawls, you alright?" i couldn't do anything but moan and lay there for like a hour and a half and felt like shit the rest of the night.


then a couple weeks later i'm at a Jack in the Box and got half way through a burger and started puking and shitting for the rest of the day. didn't do anything but lay there for the rest of that night either.


2 things i'll never do again, eat at a Jack in the Box, and go to a chinese buffet in South Dakota.

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