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RIP amy winehouse

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She died three years ago, but her body just kept shuffling around and getting in trouble.


RIP. Even though I don't know what she died of or seem to recall any of her music it sucks when people let themselves go like that. Fame is not for everyone.

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Baby, look at me

And tell me what you see

You ain't seen the best of me yet.

Give me time,

I'll make you forget the rest.

I got more in me,

And you can set it free

I can catch the moon in my hand

Don't you know who I am?


Remember my name. Fame!

I'm gonna live forever

I'm gonna learn how to fly--high!


I feel it comin' together

People will see me and cry. Fame!

I'm gonna make it to heaven

Light up the sky like a flame. Fame!

I'm gonna live forever

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Was it sad? Sure. More for some than others.

Tragedy? NO.

Was it a surprise to anyone? Doubt it.


Being a bit of a critic, or seeing things with a clear head doesn't make one a hater. you shitheads really need to give up calling anyone with a dissenting opinion a hater.


Fuck fame.

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YEAH like im not surprised given she was level 10 fiend status but its still sad because she couldve been great..er than she already was?


regardless.. now we got that fat bitch adele biting the fuck out of her. i liked amy so much because it was like "damn this bitch is hella fucked up yet she sounds like if sade and natalie merchant had a child"


Adele should go the gorillaz route cuz no one wants to look at that btch

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I don't care in the sense that I feel personally affected by her death, it's the fact that talented people (I hear she was talented, beats me) get sucked into the entertainment machine and some of them get chewed up and shit out. That bothers me more since I know that most people with some kind of gift (music, art, math, whatever) don't always cope with the business or social aspects of success very well.


I have a few friends right now that are on the verge of "making it" in their respective fields through hard work and paying dues. If anything were to happen to them, I'd be bummed. But it's not exactly overnight fame, either.

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