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massachusetts man says he's cracked zodiac killer code

bbq vibes

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zodiac killer is so much cooler than casey anthony. if she didn't have tits nobody would give a fuck, just another psycho broad that killed her kid.


zodiac is a hero and an inspiration to many young, budding serial killers. casey anthony is just some bitch saved in the spank-bank for lulz.

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(taken from a poster's comment here: http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Zodiac-Killers-Code-Cracked--126222953.html)


Um, yeah. The cipher decoder also claims he figured it out because the area code for US Virgin Islands mentioned in the cipher is 340. The area code didn't exist until 1997, five years after the alleged author died, and nearly 28 years after he supposedly published.


Also, palm prints found on Zodiac's letters didn't match Allen. This is a crazy fucking case. Check this out, too.





The woman is one of the killer's victims, and police are trying to figure out who that man is because he looks a lot like the composite sketch of the killer. I doubt the killer actually knew his victims, but who knows.


Also, I really like David Fincher's movie adaptation.

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