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BAND: Love? most generic name ever


LIKED/DISLIKED: I haven't a clue



TPBM: Living Legends


Love is a psych-rock band from the 70's....very good music...jimmy hendrix got his steeze from the lead singer of this band.



This song got popular




Since people don't want to play the game right....and actually take the time to look up the music suggested ...I'll go back to McLovin's post:


Band: Living Legends

Liked:"forces of nature" ( although I enjoy most of their music...been a fan of LL for awhile)

Dislike: no song specifically (they have a fuck ton of material out) sometimes the faster paced production starts to get a Lil corny at times for me.


TPBM: Bad Bad Not Good

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Eh.... dudes flows all sound like lil wayne's.... check "blindside" sounds exactry rike weezy's "ghonnorea".... down 2 the beat.... i guess it's aight tho, dudes got some nice pop culture references in there, fuckin way he says some stuff is just too wayne sometimes tho.....



next: Huey Lewis & The News


Oh shit....friend of the devil beat me to it!!


I'll respond to his:



Liked: I need a new drug

Disliked:the power of love



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Alright I checked out Gary Numan. Down in the Park was ok I like Foo Fighters cover I think was better but that's just me. That song "Haunted" is pretty sick I put it on my ipod..


Yeah I know-Nobody gives a fuck about Randy Newman.. I like that song "Short People" its hella funny. anyway....




TPBM: Sad Lovers And Giants

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