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Honestly it doesn't matter how bad of a qb he was last season. He was the starting qb of the chiefs when they ended greenbays winning streak. Enough said


Yeah and when he was starting for Denver they were like 2-6 before Tebow time?


As far as being the starting QB when GB caught its first and only L dosent mean jack shit, he had nothing to do with that win it was the Cheifs nasty D and a lack of effort by the Pack.


In other news:


100mil for Mario is way too fucking much, where do teams get all this god damn money from? Its like if you dont get a 100mil contract you dont matter anymore, or you wont be good unless they throw 1/10th of a billion dollars at you.


The Ravens havent made much moves, Im sad to see JJ go, and it sucks about Grubbs.

As long as we keep key players, Im not not shook at all.


Fuck football should be 12 months a year

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