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Giants Jets game was boring.


I'm ready for the real season and im damn sure looking forward to it.

Alot of good teams this year.


And just by the way, watching the Lions work the Pats made my fucking week

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Vick is not worth a 100 mill to me...that makes him the 3rd highest paid in the league which is insane. They still didnt pay Desean Jackson and we still have a bunch of rookies who are outperforming their contracts...


this... he only had ONE great season. what happens if he goes south this season. and with out Jackson too... eh. im glad he is getting paid and doing well after his downfall but not worth 100mill...

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well espn and EVERY article i have read says 100mil but either way its a contract THAT is based on only 11 games he started in which 7 he started throwing int's and loosing the magic of them first few. plus he is 31. that just sounds bananas to me. not fronting that he is ill but...

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All these 100 mill contracts dont mean shit guaranteed money is the measure of everything in the league now. I say he is worth it cause its like 35 mil or so and compared to what MLB and basketball players get football players get fucked. They risk injury and have no guarantees unless contracts like this. The other 65 mill and years is just for salary cap issues. If it was 100 mill guaranteed then that would be some shit.

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so if he just starts to suck and becomes the number 2 qb which i doubt will happen but hes gonna be paid $40 mil? unless he gets arrested or does something stupid, right? but then after playing for all 6 years isnt he going to have accumulated 100 million in pay checks?


sorry just trying to understand the caps n balances..

eitherway it still seems like a nice payday

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Mike Vick is not worth 100million, not now not ever.


You guys are right about the guaranteed money part but dude is not the superman every one has made him out to be. He plays his role well, he is raw and dude can scrabble.


But like dude said hes had one great season, he didn't do shit in ATL and so far in the preseason he hasn't done jack shit but put up Jake Delholme numbers.


Philly made a mistake, Vick isn't your savior and they do not have even a day-dream team.

Hes a running QB and all of those guys have a shelf life.


Not hating, just my opinion

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think he has couple more years left in him, on another note i think the colts should pick up David Garrard, think he would be a good fit with the colts..collins washed up..every once in awhile hell have his moments and that 3rd stringer still needs work..he had some what okay passes in preseason.

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