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Spygate is blown out of proportion, it all comes down to execution anyway, even if the defense knows the play call it doesn't mean they are going to be able to stop the play.




In the NFL everything's on tape anyway.


Just the way I see it.


I could care less about that shit, I dont even remember what year it happened. Just clearly trying to prove a point that the Pats are KNOWN to cheat, of course everyone does that shit, its just funny how they got caught and how they hire teams ex-coaches consequently before a playoff game.


Spygate LOL.


If anyone in here thinks the Patriots are the only team that did (or still does) that shit, exit stage left with your naive ass


So slay br0


you fools went from who's gonna win the game to QB ratings to spygate



AL, it was barely mentioned... being a Cowgirls fan is an automatic come on son'


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Fall back young blood you outta pocket..we got 5 rings what y'all have? And yeah I don't mind living in the past its what you play for..


Al, for real dog? The cowgirls are as old as football. The Ravens are 15 years old, with 1 ring, and if you wanna count the Baltimore colts, then were about one shy of your mighty 5.

And the past to me dont mean nada, I live in the here and now.


T;8470447']All I got to say is Spygate might be blown out of proportion but Count the rings after Spygate. Yup thats right ZERO!


Again, just to clarify I thought the whole spygate shit didnt matter.

But comical non the less


Lost the Super Bowl that year on the catch on the face, which as great (and it pains me to say that) as it was, is still probably the luckiest grab in Super Bowl history. I don't think our lack of Spygate-ing can really be blamed for that.


Either way, I'm confident this little mini drought of ours ends this year


Any given Sunday, Im not a hater im just trying to see teams go that aint been in a while, and since my dog is in the fight of course thats who I want an think will win.

Alot of people saying the AFC didnt have a chance of winning the bowl, but them odds are looking pretty good right now.


Lucky grab/good catch same difference, it was still the hypest Superbowl that ive witnessed.

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Im saying, like when the Steelers get that ass beat and all they say is 6 rings, 6 rings.

Nurga no one gives a fuck, 4 of those were 3 years ago and 2 were won on false pretenses.


Sunday cant come fast enough though, its nice to fan a team thats in the playoffs every year though. Most people in this thread can feel me

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As for the 49ers Giants


I dont fucking know man.

9ers got homefield advantage, and they popped the fuck off last game.

But the Giants are on fire and home field advantage only slows them down.


Either way ill be happy to see either team win.

If I had to bet money, id go with the 9ers but betting against the Giants

is dangerous as a bitch. Eli has offically become elite status

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I dont know why every Superbowl they pick some washed up dinosaur who dosent matter anymore.


People of every age listen to the same pop music these days, get someone relevant.

The old people might love the show, but anyone under 30 wont even be paying attention.

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