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yea pats are gay because people are sick of seeing them win 90% of the time. they scored the most on teams last year. super gay....


but yo cowboys released half their fucking team today. haha

honestly though, alot of dead weight. superstars not so superstaring... they gonna be looking to the open market to get some people around Miles Austin and Dez Bryant now with all that cap space...

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They courting Asomugha shit is tough but we create DB's raiders will make sure to match any decent offer. Al davis is not shy about spending cash but he let woodson go when everyone thought he shouldn't have and gave asomugha the money. Looks like he might be doing the same as he signed routt. I hope routt steps into those shoes. Also if cowboys do sign him they getting a solid db for atleast another 5 years. I got NFL channel on 24/7 in the office so glad this shit is back on. Im very curious to see what happens from now to friday. Also I hear Pats trying to sign Gallery. Im not sure how these new rules are going to effect the league looks like belechik is going to have to start paying veterans now as all teams have to spend 98% of the cap. Shit just got real....

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yea super low risk but one of the reasons he was a dick in washington because he hated the 3/4 and what is NE a 3/4... all he wants to do is rush the qb. not to mention he goes to trial on aug. 2nd for that waitress boobie thing. i mean yea look at moss look at corey dillon but this guy seems more like a disruption in the locker room then they ever were... so if he acts nice nice for a few weeks then say week 7 comes along and he already got his 5mil, he can start acting the fool and just get cut. cuz you know they dont stand for that shit here...


also they saying Texans are front runners for Nnamdi so far. jets would have to do so much to get him in with the cap.

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T;8266134']Wow Ocho Cinco a Patriot that is going to be a short experiment

i think thats SO MUCH less of a gamble then the other doucher they acquired. this guy is more in the realm of moss as far as behavior goes. he just wants stats and to look good. this guy wont be the moss/brady connection but for sure there will be some magic. im for it...

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