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Don't ndonit a comeback..

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pics are good.

it might be diluted but this place is generally the same.

highbrow photothreads are in untitled but it's nice to see em in Ch0 too

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the only thing that's gonna stop Scottish folk gettin' pished is a lack of alcohol on the planet... even then we'd probably just fuckin' make some moonshine or something...


oh and IRN-BRU is the only reason why some Scots live past 45

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dope flictures.


//livin in hawaii now - if u ever wanna visit island, hollar. bitches out here dont dig on whitey, so i would be amped to see you get turned down by more chicks than i did in london. hah.



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cheers for the help harvey, symbols too...

Rolf - i was working with some south africans who had never heard of the bru, so i made them drink a can. they claim to have something similar back in SA but its green...

Dow, im pretty skint at the moment but if i ever get the funds to go travelling to hawaii no doubt yoou can watch me get knocked back...it'll be fun,


im going to put together some more flicks of some of the events ive been to recently at work tomorrow, but in the mean time here is a very grainy shot of Prince (or the artist formally known as whatever) about to play his first ever UK festival - rumoured to cost the promoter about $3mill. In fact, they even extended the festival by a day to cater for him and had to find loads of other acts to fit in around him...



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Damn sneaks good to see you back. Not that I even come on here much anymore these days. You ever coming out my way any time soon? We've been talking about it for years haha. I might actually be heading over to you some time soon. Hit me up with a PM if you want to catch up.

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More flicks...


This is a shot of some of our equipment in the warehouse. Without dropping any company names or anything like that - we are a leading provider of "beverage dispense systems". Essentially, we find new ways to pour and serve beer. These are "draught backpacks" where we take beer from large kegs, move them into small kegs, put the small kegs in a backpack, attach gas and cups and wham bam you have a mobile bar man capable of serving perfect pints.



the campsite at one festival. When i say campsite, it most certainly was not where i stayed. i have discovered that there is nothing better than doing a festival and having a hotel to go back too. fuck camping yo!



it was the bosses birthday this week, so we had cake



more to come at somepoint soon...

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This contest will run until 6 p.m. EST




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those are grapes...


more pics...


so my boss asked the operations team to get some bottled water in to the office for us to drink / offer at meetings. this is what showed up. a tad excessive in my eyes....



much needed for the friday afternoon, cricket sessions in the warehouse. aka how hard can you throw a ball at someone?



watching Morrissey (of the Smiths fame) perform, through the trees from on top of a lorry in my filling station area, whilst "working" at a festival. Morrissey was a bit of a twat.



we tend to rent a lot of vehicles for events etc, and use the local branch of a nationwide rental chain. we are this branch's biggest customer, and regularly spend small fortunes with them. they thank us by sending pizza for lunch every so often...



bacon from said pizza lunches floating in my lemonade. not best pleased!!



ill try and add more over the weekend...

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