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Don't ndonit a comeback..

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*edit, I posted this and then found out the pics are rather large. my apologies but i am not going to change it / dont know how anyway.



...I've been here for years etc.


Well, actually almost 10 years on the oz now...:o Seen some changes over the years, and the one thing that has stuck with me has been the phrase "flicks or it didn't happen" and the fact that many years back when channel 0 was in arguably its best period, there were decent photothreads coming from every-fucking-where! I wanna bring that back...


Anyhow, I tried this yesterday and failed epically. I've now spent the last few hours sorting, editing and uploading these for your enjoyment.


Long story short, I haven't been posting on here in ages cos things in this corner of suburban London have changed rather dramatically this year. Change of career, home, friends, fashion sense....pretty much the only thing that hasn't changed is my car (although the dents have increased somewhat...)


So sit back, roll up and click the occasional youtube links to listen to the tunes i was, and enjoy.


Ps. there is very little order to all this, but most of them are from the last 7 months.

youtube no1:



Ok to kick things off. I got sick of the pub game, and fucked off outta that game. I just lost all motivation to kiss everyones arse and the pub won the awards i entered it for, so i thought it was time to leave on a high..


I've now moved on to the events / festivals / concerts / stadiums game. Still selling beer, just on a much much much larger scale. New company does other things, and as a passage of fire my first 4 months were spent organising / co-ordinating / stressing / running the countries largest inner-city festivals. We do it each year on behalf of the Dutch govts. Tourist board...and is pretty nuts. This year we had over 75,000 people pass through on the day and sold over 30,000 pints of lager. At £4 a pint, you can do the maths...


These next few pics are all about scouting the location and the set up.





do you recognise it yet?





London town from the as of then very unfinished, very exclusive rooftop bar of hotel by same name of the square. We blagged our way up there when paying a visit to the hotel to check them out...



Very early morning on the day of the event. I'd had serious sleep deprivation the week before. Christ, the stories from organising the fucking thing are enough for a thread themselves....Pop stars who only want certain sweets / drinks on their rider / trying to find a hotel for 40+ people the same weekend as the london marathon (ie. no hotel rooms in the city at all) and being on a budget! I could go on, but i wont...



Duing the day..



Thats the national portrait gallery in the back there.




New music link - another house classic.



So one day I was asked if I wanted anything from the wholesalers...





I got a pack of these way before they hit the shops with the new blue flavour...sorta made my day...



Smash137 - good life metaphor.



More to come...


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Random free sample we got in at work. Randomly, the daughter of the dude who gave us these ended up working for us. I have developed quite a crush...your not getting flicks of her though.



At Twickenham rugby stadium, the morning of a big international match.



People waiting for the English team to arrive



Rugby fans drink. A lot. this is about 2/3 of the empty barrels. Each one holds 88 pints...



The sunset



New youtube:


Random pic no 1. These are Bloodfart's (she still post?) cigarettes from the time Chopsticks, her and I got drunk in mine and chop's ends. We lost Bloodfart for about 20 mins in my small, ground floor flat...



This is me climbing a fence.



This is how stick to my roots. Champagne with a hibiscus flower, served with a packet of salt and vinegar.






This is me lying on top of a double stack of beer barrels half way down an 18tonne refrigerated truck we had for a festival recently. A lot of beer.



More to come....

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I had to go to Glasgow in Scotland for a week to work a series of Take That concerts. Scottish people drink a lot. We sold out of alco pops and beer over the course of the 3 nights. Another thing, it seemed that there was only 2 types of people in Scotland: people who look like crackheads or morbidly obese people.


The crowd on the only evening it didn't rain.



Ask Rolf about this shit. Irn bru by the case load...



Part of the very expensive stage show.



5hours worth of stock.



Robbie Williams and 50,000 people.



We have learned the hard way and now, every time we travel to work we have a kettle and tea making equipment stashed in various vans and cars. Sometimes we end up waiting around for hours on end, and as Brits a cuppa goes down a treat.



Even thunder storms won't stop Scottish people getting wankered.



Back in my part of the world for a meeting with the mayor of london's events team.



Off to Kings of Leon gig...not a fan myself, but for free then alright.







Dinosaur Ribs...



Much abused stress toys



Random flick no2. Beer drinking parrot.



More to come....

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Driving through the countryside.



The first of what will be many festivals this summer. No rain!





This lil dude was raving away during some headliner I'd not heard of.



Upon my return home, i discovered an over zealous scum of the earth (traffic wardens) had given me a parking ticket for parking on my drive. On my own drive for fucks sake! I took a photo to show that i was parked in a close as i could and as such they shouldn't be dickheads. another failure....



Whats on your desk?



Turns out the other half of my photos didn't upload themselves so i will end with a sunset shot taken just before Prince played his first ever Uk festival set....




Ill update more over the coming days.


Ps, the first 2 posts can fuck off. get in the spirit of things..

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fun thread. a little more narration/explanation might be good.


agreed on fuck the haters, people used to make all kinds of threads about their travels, their summers, their weekends, etc.


day in pies is just that.

keep 'em coming sneak.


hows your back?

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^cheers man. Teh back is still there thank fuck, no further action has been needed. *touch wood*. I got back on a push bike for the first time in a year the other month...was a nice feeling!


I had so many ideas for the commentary, but doing this on a shitty laptop that started to overheat became pretty long so i cut it down...


If people are interested, I'll drop some stories about all the crazy stuff I've seen in the last few months...

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Good to see you around Sneak.


I always enjoy threads where people post pics like you are doing.


i guess I should eventually.

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the opposite of midgets.


what's the occasion of those dutch festivals?


it was to celebrate Dutch queensday - their national holiday. We organise / run it every year for their tourist board. officially it was to promote tourism and commerce to holland, but essentially it was a piss up in trafalgar square.


we arranged for 5 dutch bands to come over, got Amstel to sort the bars and the beer and organised food stands, cultural crap and childrens activities. also managed to convince easyjet to hold a national "double dutch skipping contest" in the weeks before hand and have the final at the festival. i paid a rather large sum of money to a team of mountain bike stunt riders to wrap themselves in orange and do tricks everywhere (because apparently the dutch like bikes) and also persuaded the Van Gogh museum in Holland to give out some prizes...


the parrot came about one weekend where i was at another event we ran in a park in central london over the weekend. that weekend was funny as hell, it was the first time i had to drive a large lorry (if you saw the state of my car, you would realise why my boss was worried and doesn't park next to me in the car park) through central london - streets like Oxford Street, Regents st, Picadilly circus etc etc. Proper scary....well for the passengers. i fucking loved it...


anyway, back to the parrot. its sunday afternoon and after a day or stopping tents from flying away and getting rained on in a windy thunderstorm, the sun came out so i stopped working and had a beer. i then got a radio call saying i was needed by the entrance to the park. turns out this woman had been walking out of the park when this parrot just flew in and calmly landed on her shoulder.


the woman shat her self and ran off screaming, whilst lil parrot chilled out on the floor. turns out security guard on the door keeps parakeets (as you do) so picked him up while he called us. whilst we tried to find out where the fuck it came from, the bird just chilled out with us and had a cheeky bite of our food and sip of the drink. no problems...


we ended up returning the bird to london zoo which wasn't too far away as they had the equipment to check for any tags. last i heard, he was reunited with his owner a few days later..

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Yeah, those are expensive birds. You would pay between 2,500 - 4,000 US dollars for a hand fed African Grey. Also the smartest of all birds and one of the smarter animals in the world. They can live to be 70+ years old...Cool random facts broseph.


He looks hammered!

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You didn't lose me, I went to smoke and couldn't get back in so I just sat and waited for ya'll to notice I was gone.

All ya'll Londoners were stoked on Newports.

How you gonna be mad hiphop and roll your own smokes?

I keeps it gully.

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