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shits gettin closed cuz the dead mobb....cant shut the fuck up already n just take the fact there gone back to chi...go get someone elses thread shut down fuckin idiot



hahaha its funny how u ppl say da mobb dead but steal being talkd about its cuz u ppl no we real out here no matter wut da haters say we out my nig TDMK 4 life

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bump TDM


1st post? this fag just made an account to talk shit im sure so just a heads up this is not me!

y'all know who it is! :lol:

there's a difference in the name his fake acct has a period at the end of the name. take notice im sure he's here to talk shit and try to get every1 mad!

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Hey guys!:D


i need some new graffiti buddies any of you wanna help me?

i have a truck full of spray paint would you guys like to use some,, im so willing

to share with you guys just have to show me spots and introduce me too all of your pals :D

and maybe my buddy tim can come with us

you guys should hit me up my brother in LORDS hes like the best tagger i know lol wanna meet him

you guys can all bring your books and we can have a graffiti party at my house. you guys would love my house its like vandal paradise .


so yeah hit me up guys :)

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All these suckas stay on the dick! dick riding faggots! tell you what, you mothasfuckas dont want me on here blowing up the thread then have all these putos with the Mob in their mouths shut the fuck up and dont mention us, and i'll keep the bs off the thread. but everytime they hate im gettin on niggas helmets! And i will blow up the thread! PERIOD!


if i remember correctly..its u that cant get enuff.so go ahead PASE blow up...let everybody no what u got in store.u r the MAN.but this is still my city.dont get that twisted..

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San Jose's an easy place to make big $$ just get stopped by sjpd (have someone distant record it) don't run and have a good lawyer. About 50% of the time (if you're not white) they will over use their authority. Get back at the system. The more we sue the less they get funded. Less they get funded= fewer cops out/ smaller budget. Prolly won't take to much calls for vandalism= the more we paint and not have to worry about runnin from the cops. Worked for me couple years back. Money went strait to a new BMW, paint, and weed. :D :D :D

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