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you aint shit homie and you guys wanted this remember ? You guys could have ended this a long time ago. but now ? your whole crew has dropped out and started their own crews ..lol and you guys dont do shit about that lol. you guys let me know when you guys are done ..this isnt the first time ur crew has fallen apart ...bump the real twf...the wkt family....and the wkt mobb... twm...tell me when ur done...


Hahaha u fuckin faggot! Who are you? The pussy I punked at the tattoo shop on san carlos and told me where the w*** k**** Tattoo shop is? U fuckin pussy u had wkt MOBB tatted on your neck! I call u out and u dry snitch on your homeboys? Or is this Nor the lil sissy who let me take his "W" hat? U mad I taped it pussy? Or is this Ebos the fuckin pussy that let his homeboy that's half his size get his hat tooken? Fuckin funny! Why u soo mad pussy? I can give a shit bout u or ur weak ass crew full of sissies, broke bums and liars! Nigga run up! IM NOT GONNA EVEN SAY WHAT IM GONNA DO TO YOU! Just tell me who you are!

YOUS A SCARY BROKE ASS BITCH! Utter your weak ass name, so I can knock ur head off ur shoulders hatin ass BITCH!



I already talked to you pussy no need to act hard with me your not pumping no fear into me ...maybe some more of ur crew can shake my hand and say theres no more beef ..lol I tryed meeting with you guys ? diddnt I ? this blood is on your hands and I will rip your crew apart one by one. why are you so mad you guys could have ended this 2 years ago right and what did you tell me...this is what you wanted ..wkt mobb ....and what ur a man cuz u tryed to punk one of the youngest dudes in my crew .....wkt mobb till you want to stop. I can go back and forth with you on shit that happend. tell your boys to keep shaking my hand...lol were a graff crew not a gang ...no x4 next to our crew thanks...let me know when you would like me to stop and it can be done .If not ill go on for years ....just be a man of your word ..if you can be...


Hahaha soo WHO ARE YOU! Don't be a such a pussy! When did you try meeting with us? Hahaha you think I'm scared of u or your hating ass crew? Nigga please run up, I will protect myself by any and all means necessary! Lol you think your crew is the first time I had haters on my dick bitch? Its nuthin! Run up nigga, pose as a threat and I will eliminate that threat immediately! Fuck all that I'll be right back shit! And that lil niggas lucky I won't smash a kid! But the whiteboy with the WKT MOBB really dropped dimes on your whole crew! And Ebos hahahaha fuckin dork let his lil friend get punked and jacked for his shit! Fuckin pussy was bigger than me! That's what I call a big for nothin! Hahahaha like I said I aint worried bout none of you motherfuckers! Run up! Please! But I warned you, I will protect myself, friends and family! Soo if that's what you wanna deal with, hey be my fuckin guest stupid! Its in you and your crews best interest to back the fuck up!


then thats whats up...2316 all day bitch....no need to talk to you cuz you a bitch tell ur cuzo to shake our hand again...



Ha! Ur a fuckin joke! Just say who you are already pussy! Don't be a scary bitch too on top of a hater/dick riding faggot! Bitch ass nigga state your name!

Here I'll show you how its done;


Now you go pussy!

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