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Da' Duhpartmint ov moter veikels

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So, after three months of suspention for Driving Under the Influence, I got my license back today. It's nice to be able to drive again.

The DMV has to be the second most miserable place on earth (the first of course being Gary, Indiana.) I spent three hours in the waiting room of that fucking place for those bastards to get their shit together.


Don't drink and drive.


That is all.

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Guest WebsterUno



DMV sucks ass, long lines, smelly people, hairy people, just people.

Thats why yo make an appointment, and you only have like 3 people

in front of you. Getting busted for DUI is bad. I know someone that

did, fines up the culo, and a shitload of different classes. Fuck driving

while drunk, I hope you learned your lesson. Just dont do it. Taxis

are waaaay cheaper thans lives, man to man dude. DONT DRIVE DRUNK!



There too many sorry ass motorists as it is. ;)

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doing ANYTHING at the DMV makes being processed into jail look like a pony ride....

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I'd like to relate a horror story about my dealings with the canadian equivalent of the DMV but I dont have any. Heres my last contact with them:

Drive by the office, park in the closest possible spot (which still has 15mins on the meter)

walk in to find the line for renewals completely empty...pay the cashier, sign my new license, and walk out.

Total time involved: 3 minutes.


sucks to be in the states I guess....

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