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Old 12oz Mags.

Tuff Tone

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being from the East Coast i will say there will never be a mag as fresh as Styles For Miles and Move. both made do it yourself style in the early 90s. holy fuck them zines ruled. SFM was all photos and Move was all outlines and drawings. best Glossy off set print mag was SKILLS. super rare too.

cant ever front on IGT or Under Cover for the early days too...

12oz i liked just because Raven was still in the city i was for the start of it and so the state got alot of love.... first real quality US mag...




here is a reference of the 12oz mags, i have never seen 2 or 5 offered for sale on ebay or anyplace... seems odd those are the harder ones to get ahold of...

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i actually stumbled upon issue 2 in ok condition without a sleeve on it. holla at me via pm if interested, and i will give you specifics about the condition cash or trade


from what i hear thats really unlike you to not have it in a comic book sleeve... hold onto it unless you have a double you dont need money...

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LSD was cool, but 12oz was the first great graff mag

sucks for those that cannot enjoy em

i'm not parting with the ones i have, that's for sure.



i'll shout On The Go





and Can Control




I remember the old OTG stickers that were like locksmith/ towtruck/ rolldown gate ads/ stickers.


Also they spelled out the word nigger when they did the interviews. I'm gonna have to dig up the super og OTG oversized joints.

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Im reading through issue 5 right now. I still have the poster from it on my wall.

there's a really good 2 page story by Sonik titled "My Surf Board"


"Every writer will tell you there's something about trains, train tracks, train yards..."


"I've never met a writer who didn't love trains, even those who had never even painted one."


"It's just one of those things that goes with the territory." - Sonik


damn I feel old now.

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