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Airplane stories with the person sitting next to you. . .


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oh, and one of my dad's mates was on a international flight (Singapore to sydney) and he realised that the source of a putrid smell was the guy who'd just quietly died in his sleep right next to him and had lost his arse....it was a full flight and all they flight crew could do was put a blanket over the body...


he was comped some first class tickets..


i'd be demanding something more than first class tickets. free flights for a year seems about right. then again, i've never flown so i might hate that shit and would rather just have some money for my suffering.

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the last plane flight i was on (back in April....3 months ago) was basically the worst flight of my life....it involved some musician from NY, alcohol, violence, profanity and our plane almost getting diverted to another city because of him....looooong story...if you guys really want to hear it, i'll share.

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Last time I went to S.F. was pretty dope, It was my birthday, partied at the Mighty, hung out with Mike LeSage, and had a rad room at the Hotel Des Artes. After partying for the week, my girl and I were pretty tired and excited to get home. Coming home we had a layover in Phoenix, it was the last flight of the night, and there were only like 20 people on board, so it was a pretty empty plane. So we are waiting for the flight to take off, and low and behold, the last person to board the flight is Bill Motherfucking Murray!! He comes in looking hagard as fuck, and grimey like he had been drinking all day. As the flight gets up in the air, I go back to shake the mans hand, and give him props, and he asks me if I want a drink, "...Of course!" I reply. So Im shooting the shit with Bill Murray, he buys him and I a drink, but I can tell he is tired so I make it brief and get back to my girl. She has a smirky grin on her face as we talk, and proceeds to give me a HJ while we are chilling in this empty plane. The flight wasnt a long one, but It was memorable.


Right now im currently in a shitty airport in Kansas City waiting for a flight to Chicago on standby. Its only bearable because I have been drinking since 8am, and i have been oontzing. IM pretty buzzed and about to get another beverage. Word.

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