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Flick trade thread

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I got a nice pack already from Grasp, thanks again....still waiting on yours Komik.


I am still looking to place another trade in the near future, my wishlist is a follows so if anyone has any of the following specified freights or writers is interested let me know:






UGLYkos "there is none higher/2001" piece


SENSE(?) "Body, Mind, Soul" CSXT boxcar

All of the above mentioned are from 2003 or earlier so if anything sounds familiar or you have anything from that era feel free to post it up and may be we can set up a trade, if not that's cool too.



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I have been collecting photos from all around the world for over 25 years now.

I hve over 3000 printed doubles ready to send out NOW to anyone who's down to trade-any amount as long as it's over 10!

I'm into whatever you wanna send graffiti related except single tags or unfilled/hollow throw-ups/outlines.

I'm down to trade with anyone and I am very reliable and respond quickly to mail/photos, but am dubious about sending the first package so if you're willing to trust me and send me a pack, I guarantee a pckage of equal quality back! You send freights, i'll send reights back-you send wals, you'll get walls back in exchange, ditto with any other vehicle/surface/trains/canvasses-whatever.

Hit me with a PM if ur interested or email me(if this forum will let u post email addresses in threads) at skrmupc@gmail.com!



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Got a nice pack from scream agin, would post a photo but I've already put them in the album and labeled them up lol

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I have thousands upon thousands of hard copies of freights from trades I used to do all the time. this was back in the good OL' days of snail mail trades before digital jumped off!!! I have them all just sitting in a huge box now and rarely ever look at them any more so I am willing to trade them off. I would like to trade them for graff books or dvds that I dont yet have, or so blank model trains HO scale. atherns or walthers brands non of thoseother cheapO brand trains. shoot me a PM if any one is interested in talking.



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